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  1. I ordered a second copy off Amazon since it was listed on there after it was sold out on their Bandcamp and whatnot. Just got shipping confirmation and tracking today. I'm actually surprised they filled this at all as I was expecting the order to get canceled. I'm assuming it's the /1,000 variant but I guess we'll see what shows up.
  2. Seems the yellow is on the US store now also: http://www.napalmrecordsamerica.com/store/god-is-an-astronaut-epitaph-limited-edition-yellow-vinyl-gatefold-lp.html
  3. I wonder if they'll ever just release both albums synced together already. Seems like an obvious idea and one that would also obviously sell out fast. Maybe that's not what the band wants in any official capacity?
  4. Translation Loss' explanation as to why is rather stupid. Should have kept the release the same and just made a set that has both combined. Seems rather obvious but whatever. I guess here I am complaining. I went with the box set. Price difference for the box set vs. the 2 individual sets was only about $14 after shipping so I figure the 5th LP and box set is worth the difference. Still a weird way to re-release this. Whatever. Still happy to finally get this without spending absurd amounts of money.
  5. There's this on Amazon now but doesn't include much detail about the pressing info. I'd guess it's just standard black vinyl but doesn't even detail whether it's 180g or not: https://www.amazon.com/Heartworms-Shins/dp/B01MR2DF99/ref=tmm_vnl_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
  6. No limited pressing for this period according to the video with Jeremy Bolm. He claims he didn't want it to become a thing where people were seeking out the limited pressings for this. He wanted to make sure everyone that wants a copy can get it and they're all the same. Personally, I think this was an extremely stand up move. Pre-ordered this as a bundle with the shirt like white on rice or shit on grass. Looong overdue for sure and will undoubtedly make a lot of fans happy. No more real need to buy overpriced original pressings that probably don't sound ideal anyway. Win, win for
  7. Nice pairing with the TD160 and the Nagaoka MP500. Both are fantastic and it's nice to see some love for Nagaoka since it's such an underrated and underappreciated cartridge brand.
  8. Fair enough. I'll check back in the threads and see what you posted since I'm curious. I appreciate your opinion since obviously you know more about chemicals and their interactions by your schooling than I definitely do. Funny because I use this method myself from time to time though typically I use a Onzow Zerodust as my primary stylus cleaning tool. Honestly though that sounds a lot more like a manufacturing defect with the stylus' bond to the cantilever than a problem simply caused by using a Magic Eraser. I guess that could be operator error also. Either way I imagine all w
  9. Do you have a source other than forum discussions for this? I've heard this as well but I've never seen anything official from Kodak actually explicitly stating this so I'm curious. Triton X100 works also. I know PhotoFlo was part of an old Stereophile home made cleaning solution recipe at one point. I'm not sure if that's been changed since it was published originally. I'd be kind of surprised if a drop or two diluted into a larger solution would cause any noticeable damage even over time but I'd assume it's possible (I'm not a chemist). I've been using it for years and haven't noticed any pr
  10. The only record cleaner below $100 is the Spin Clean (http://www.amazon.com/SPIN-CLEAN-STARTER-RECORD-WASHER-SYSTEM/dp/B002UKSZUU). That's what I would recommend (at minimum) if budget is an issue but I would also second ajxd's suggestion of spending a bit more if you can afford it for a vacuum based cleaning machine. Spin Clean works but it's considerably more manual and thus more effort involved. A microfiber or lint-free cloth is what you want. DO NOT use anything that isn't lint free or you'll just contaminate the record with fibers from the cloth. A good DIY cleaning solution
  11. Nice. Thanks for posting this. I'd love to snag this and Special Herbs so I'll definitely be ordering this one.
  12. Haha. Hey man do what works for you! I'm not here to judge I'm just offering my experience and opinion on the subject. I used a brush for a long time but eventually moved on to a RCM myself. It was probably one of the smartest purchases of my entire audio hobby because the results/benefits were immediate and extremely apparent upon first use and every subsequent use. My only frustration, and one I think we all share, is the cost for your average good RCM and budget is always going to be a deciding factor for whatever route you take if any at all. In the end all that really matters is you enjoy
  13. Simple. You're cleaning records using water. Wood especially particle board like the 16.5 platter is just about the worst possible material for that purpose because of how it negatively responds to water. I don't care how careful you are with your cleaning because at some point over your RCM's lifetime water will contact the platter and the last thing you want is it to be made of a material that adversely reacts to that. Even living in a humid environment will over time affect materials like that just due to the moisture in the air in the first place. Acrylic solves that issue perfectly as a p
  14. Well then I have some good news for you in that regard. As I said I'm currently in the process of creating my own RCM to compete with the VPI 16.5 due to my experience with these systems and having spent countless hours researching and developing a better design. I've currently got a working prototype and am ironing out the kinks of the design to ensure it's not only a better RCM than the 16.5 but also at a significantly lower price point in that ~$400 range. I absolutely agree the $600 price point for a new 16.5 is too expensive and a better design can be made available for cheaper to the pub

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