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  1. I'm not selling a record so I figured it wasn't appropriate for the Buy/Sell/Trade board, but I have an old Tom Waits portrait I drew for a couple of people about a year ago. Unfortunately, money became an issue and poor little Waits still has no home, so I thought I'd put him up for sale on here since the VC community tends to appreciate art/the arts/whatever a lot more than most people I know "irl." He's done in charcoal, so black and white, on 11x14" bristol paper. $100 asking, but I'm sure we can work other things out too. Serious inquiries only! Message me if interested.
  2. I get downvoted on other posts for bein' a VC lady so randomly finding this just now has made my day.
  3. My boyfriend helped me out in making collecting and listening more than just a casual hobby and recommended I make an account to stay up to date and stuff.