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  1. as if theyve ever had a release (or re-release) worth passing up
  2. the instagram comments: "For those who did not see the post from late Tuesday - the Better Call Saul 7" sale has been postponed indefinitely. No plans have been made to reschedule... Several hundred people want one but we only have 50 to sell. No way to make everyone happy in this situation so it's going to need to wait until we can create another variant in larger quantities...we have considered [a lottery] but based on the reaction the other day we're inclined to use these remaining 50 copies as promos as originally intended and consider making a larger qty variant"
  3. i'll part with the red splatter if you have an all white alphabets
  4. maybe you had more luck, but i did the same this morning and just got an email saying it was sold out
  5. link for the desktop site listing http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Music/WhatsNew/Vinyl/Chiodos+-+Allx27s+Well+That+Ends+Well+Vinyl+LP+Hot+Topic+Exclusive-10186802.jsp