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  1. This album is amazing. Even with the low vocals I’m really enjoying how punchy the guitars are.
  2. That’s easily the best looking variant since the first press smash
  3. My god man think about what you’re saying. but yeah probably.
  4. I’d do very bad things for a Wars and Rumors press
  5. Gunning for the tri-color tour press considering I have the tri-color Messengers press from that tour
  6. After a full listen I really like it. The back half is definitely the stronger of the bunch. Hopefully my deluxe and Smartpunk copies show up soon!
  7. Fuck that splatter is gorgeous edit: got too excited and ended up somehow purchasing two so if I can’t cancel the extra order I’ll have one up for grabs
  8. I’m happy with my deluxe copy but the milky white does sound intriguing
  9. Copped a deluxe copy. Super stoked for this. Being from Tampa I’ll support whatever these guys do.
  10. This album is an absolute killer. Definitely my favorite since Messengers.
  11. I think I like this one better than the haze repress I bought the other year. I might have to snag this. I was wondering if they were going to do a repress with the tour coming up.
  12. Anyone know what the tour variant is limited to? I picked one up last night but forgot to ask the merch guy. The new songs sound absolutely amazing in a live setting.