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  1. Looking for the Jay-Z/Linkin Park Collision Course LP... would be thrilled to have it!
  2. Was able to snag a Childish Gambino today, man is it some beautiful packaging, haven't played it yet. Was told there was only 1 Jay-Z/Linkin Park LP available and it was way gone by the time I got there If anyone was able to pick up and extra I'd be very happy to have it cost +!!
  3. ^Hope so. Was able to get a copy of both of these. This can be closed, thanks!
  4. ^Thanks man. I understand your pain, I live in Buffalo. Luckily this stormed missed us but we usually are the ones getting hit. Look forward to receiving my record!
  5. Will we receive a separate email once we know if it's been shipped? Some got confirmation #s today. Maybe they can answer. Just curious because I haven't gotten mine yet and I'm not sure where to check my order status..
  6. If you're willing to sell it, shoot me a PM. I don't have a large collection so I'm not able to trade much.
  7. Now looking for Green Day Dookie LP .. the green HT release. Still looking for Box Car Racer as well! Thanks!
  8. I received mine the other day and they are in excellent shape. No warp and sound great. Good luck, hopefully they do the same for you!
  9. I got 2 and saw 3 at my local Hot Topic and all were fine. I think it was probably a small batch that got affected, whis is very unfortunate for those who got a bad copy
  10. BUMP! Was able to pickup Blink: Self Titled and also will be receiving TOYPAJ soon thanks to BigWaveDave Still looking for Box Car Racer!
  11. I got mine today.. fortunately for me it looks good and played great. Small ding on the one corner but the records were both fine.
  12. Mine arrived earlier in the week... everything looked great and sounded great. Only issue is both records are warped. Doesn't affect the way they sound though. Contacted Macklemore's store site directly to see what they had to say... told me they will gladly replace them if I gave them my address. Hopefully the replacements are in better shape! Either way, great customer service on their end!
  13. I'm looking to buy 3 albums. Mostly interested in Box Car Racer's only album. Also looking to buy both of the more recent releases by Blink 182 (the Hot Topic exclusives). AND Willing to pay more for Box Car Racer. Thanks!
  14. Only been here a short while.. this guy is awesome! Thanks for looking out for the people here Travis.
  15. I just placed an order for this as well through the amazon warehouse deals.. will be sure to comment on the how it looks when I receive it.
  16. Was finally notified late this afternoon that mine was shipped. I may end up purchasing a few extras at my local mall if they have any in stock.
  17. Glad I got mine last night. Originally planned on ordering today and they are gone already.

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