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  1. New record due out 9/14. https://www.goodcharlotte.com/store/15926/vinyl?category=generation-rx Green (Store exclusive?) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FDKWTT2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1531504825&sr=8-1&keywords=good+charlotte+generation+rx Black
  2. TheArtThief

    PO: Misfits- Famous Monsters repress

    https://edsawesomesounds.com/products/misfits-famous-monsters-lp-180-gram-green-yellow-mixed-color-vinyl-mov-ltd-new-preorder Free US Shipping 10% off with code FACETHEMUSIC Came out to $27 after everything
  3. TheArtThief

    Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

    As absurd as it sounds, I think Kanye has transcended real albums and therefore this is what I expect from Kanye these days. He has nothing left to prove and therefore he'll never release anything in the vain of his first 5 records. MBDTF was a comeback record that propelled him to the entity he is today and honestly I think he's done with albums of that magnitude. Sure, he can release killer tracks here and there and spit a good rhyme, but he's done that. It seems like he's ready to move past music and go into other avenues such as clothing, products, etc. It just sucks for us fans of his music because his vision isn't ours.
  4. Oh, I'm with you. However, I was able to find Eco-Terrorist for like $5 so I'm gonna wait. Very rarely do I find 7"s fetching more than the base price.
  5. These two tracks were the Best Buy exclusive bonus tracks. They aight, but not worth $13+ after shipping for 2 songs
  6. TheArtThief

    Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

    I dig ye. Bold move to keep it at 23 minutes but with Kids See Ghosts coming next week and also being 7 tracks, it's as if we got a 14 track album with half having Cudi features. Love that No Mistakes went back to the Graduation vibes. I have a feeling that KSG will blow ye out the water.
  7. TheArtThief


    "We expect to receive Inbred Mountain very soon. Live at Bucketheadland is still in production. Buckethead Pikes Service" Dang, I wonder what's keeping Live at Bucketheadland in production
  8. My bad; didn't realize they were already posted. Pretty stoked though. Think these will be available outside of UO?
  9. NSync's No Strings Attached (Peach colored) 3000: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/nsync-no-strings-attached-limited-lp $26.98 Celebrity (Cotton Candy colored) 2500: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/nsync-celebrity-limited-lp $26.98 Self Titled w/ Bonus Tracks 2LP (Limeade colored) 2500: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/nsync-n-sync-limited-2xlp-bonus-tracks $32.98
  10. TheArtThief

    WTB: Kanye Graduation Vinyl

    https://www.shugarecords.com/products/kanyewest-graduation2-lpdeluxeeditionvinyl not sure if this is that variant but worth inquring about
  11. Hey all, Anyone have the orange/purple variant of That's The Spirit that they'd want to sell? PM me and we can talk price. Thanks!
  12. TheArtThief


    For anyone who's seen him live on this tour, what Pikes is he selling at the merch booth?
  13. TheArtThief


    Saw on reddit that Buckethead Pikes said the 5 13 10 31 deluxe packages will ship in a few weeks. They're probably still waiting for the extras to arrive.