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  1. Missed out on this when I didn't have any cash to spend on new tapes. Trying to get every vinyl and cassette variant of this record so if you have the clear tape lmk. I already have the red one.
  2. scissorkik

    WTB: Any Meshuggah Cassettes

  3. scissorkik

    WTB: Any Meshuggah Cassettes

  4. scissorkik

    WTB: Any Meshuggah Cassettes

    Last year I bought my first Meshuggah tape and since then I've been looking to get a copy of any of their releases on cassette. I already have the promo tape for Chaosphere, which features two singles from the album, but that is the only Meshuggah tape that I own. I'm most interested in getting a copy of Destroy Erase Improve on cassette, however I'll pick up any release available. If you have a Meshuggah tape you're willing to sell definitely lmk!
  5. scissorkik

    WTB: Erra Drift

    I'm looking to get either or both both variants if you have a copy definitely lmk!
  6. Have been trying to get a copy of this tape for awhile and have yet to find someone selling one. If you have one for sale please lmk!
  7. scissorkik

    Help Me Buy Tapes from New Damage Records

    bump really trying to get the Architects tape and I need some help!
  8. Very very hype for this. Also does anyone know if the blue tape repress is a different blue color than the 1st press?
  9. scissorkik

    Help me pick up some cassette tapes

    Sure send me a pm about it!