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  1. is there a newbury sale? ive got like 5 records i wanna buy but was waiting for a sale haha
  2. missed the autographed as well but orange 180g is cool with me
  3. i already got a shipping email on the copy i ordered saturday
  4. its only 5 bucks for the patreon for access. worth it instead of missing out completely.
  5. god i hope they are making a ton of money cause that was terrible
  6. https://microwave-atl.myshopify.com/products/death-is-a-warm-blanket-vinyl tour press is up if anyones interested. i never picked this up when it came out so im happy to support the band directly. 30 copies left in stock
  7. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/Exclusive-Ltd-Vinyl/Free-Love-Limited-Edition-Gatefold-Blue-Vinyl-Signed-Print/6N3Y0HQX000 this link should work. probably gonna pick this up
  8. will you guys just announce new mom jeans already? haha
  9. well, tbh im glad i didnt shell out the money for it cause it doesnt look nearly as cool as the mock lol
  10. mine says "love u" from conor. i really wanted that from phoebe but this will do
  11. probably cause theyre a small independent label and would rather sell thru their inventory vs sitting on $tock and not having space for it.
  12. https://otherpeoplerecords.store/collections/gleemer/products/gleemer-down-through-lp-limited-to-250 they just put up 50 black that they had allocated for a tour
  13. wish they would explain what makes the deluxe besides 180g/alternate cover
  14. pretty sure newbury will have exclusives too. they mentioned elliott smith in the past few emails
  15. well that was stressful. got DITD acoustic but couldnt get while i stay secluded
  16. got my swirl today. still no info on the red/white.
  17. fuck. this is gonna be tough. all i want is mansions DITD accoustic. well i want others but multiple will be impossible