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  1. idk how these songs didnt make it. theyre good. could have easily replaced when we were young and edging.
  2. can anyone link me? i dont wanna wait another 12 hours haha.
  3. is there really fuckin crumbs on the album art?! lolll
  4. hoping i get this on/before release date. my original order from last year has all 3 variants so i'm not holding my breathe lol
  5. i may be crazy/stupid, but this is the first time i've seen something marketed as 'hand pour' that isnt an absurd variant. whats the difference between this and a black/white marble?
  6. i do not understand why they just keep cranking out vinyl releases. are the vinyl plants deals on black vinyl THAT good? lol
  7. Could only justify the /100 of menora. Just cause that’s my favorite. how much were the test presses?
  8. i wonder if this is due to the new 'studio 4' plant? or just a poor file provided for the lacquer. im sure they're still figuring out the process.
  9. im waiting for that one too. like that the variant looks like the fire on the album art
  10. woah. wonder if there will be a proper announcement next week or something
  11. newbury copy seems to be signed by the band for $29.99. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/calling-the-dogs-exclusive-lp-autographed?variant=42325804318900
  12. i love that labels are doing these variant overviews more often. helps so much for choosing which copy to buy.
  13. stores have been putting them on discogs for like 30 bucks. just a heads up for anyone looking
  14. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/alex-g-trick-limited-lp?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=000&searchparams=q%3Dalex%20g&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1 rules too: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/alex-g-rules-limited-lp?color=000&size=ONE SIZE&type=REGULAR&quantity=1
  15. has anyone gotten this yet? i just got mine and please tell me i didn't pay $45 for a single sided LP and a 7".
  16. first single was great. but the new one aint doing it. also whats up with this incredibly weird/boring album roll out?
  17. thanks for this! definitely prefer in on a 12". havent bought many 7" lately.
  18. such a great record. remember them announcing this. cant believe its been ten years.
  19. one time on RSD, i grabbed that broken record single before someone else, and the girl was super sad so I let her buy it, and she handed me $30. just looked it up and its $150 on discogs now lol.

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