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  1. Good call rooks! Thanks for the heads up on this one.
  2. Can't second this enough. Jon Porras and Evan Caminiti are extremely talented and consistently put out great albums, both as their solo projects and as Barn Owl. They are probably my favorite duo out there. I really like the direction they are taking with their recent albums and using more of the dark electronic elements. Those dudes know how to create atmosphere. Anyone seen the Revisitor DVD Jon Porras put out? It's a great visual interpretation of their sound.
  3. Interested in picking up a copy of the original Maniac movie soundtrack by Jay Chattaway that Mondo pressed in 2011. I'd love to grab the color variant but will take the black press as well. Please PM me if anyone is interested in selling. I'd be willing to make a serious offer.
  4. I just double checked the blog and it does say it goes up the 24th. I listened to some audio samples online and it sounds like it will be a great score.