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  1. sounds about right to me iv actually started to prefer the lip haha
  2. the color is making it so it dosnt show up at all in pics, i noticed its very smooth and consistent the whole way round, and its the same between the two albums (pressed by the same company released at the same time)
  3. not that i can tell off hand no, i have no complaints really more of just a curiosity to me since none of my others (a small selection just getting started) have it
  4. so i picked up the siren song of the counter culture and the sufferer and the witness by rise against on vinyl today specifically the colored variants, and noticed a consistent lip around the edge of both, none of my other few records have this so I'm wondering if its supposed to be there, if it make any difference they appear to be 180 gram (they are significantly thicker than my other standard weights) but are not marked as so, both are brand new
  5. awesome plus 1 for quick reply, before i pm any info on sleeve and vinyl condition, as well as how you got it?
  6. So I'm new to this. Not music or sound but vinyl. Im 19 a college student and have shit for money, that being said heres my set up that I'm damn proud of. -sony ps lx 300 usb turntable (around 100 bucks, a gift from my gf for christmas) -pre amp included in the turntable ​-old zenith receiver circa 1995 ( i found just laying around a family members house he was happy to see go) -two rca tweeters i got for free from a friend (the impedance isn't high enough but they work well) -two rca surrounds and a rca center i got from a thrift store (5 bucks for the lot) -one zenith powered sub i got with the reciever -all connected by the thinest speaker wire radio shack offers and old rca cables and a y split for the sub total is about 115 dollars including 100 for the turntable this is a shit set up that most people would laugh at but at the end of the day I'm quite pleased with myself each piece took time to find (lots of thrift store diving for those speakers) and it delivers music to my ears just fine so this is a thread to brag about a set up that won't turn any heads but that you enjoy and are proud of, now or in the past, id love to see this take off so share with your friends, enjoy the music:)
  7. pmd ignore these pricks who can't read, down vote me all you want but the guy was asking a simple broad question and half of you decide to be ass holes, why even come here if thats all you have to offer, theres plenty of threads for you to contribute to without bashing a guy
  8. classic case of lets snatch up shit I'm not even interested in so i can sell it to people who actual want to listen and enjoy it for collecting at twice or three times the price
  9. well to be honest i just know this album better than the others(new collection only 4 albums) it also has the kind of long sustained notes at one pitch that i can easily identify, and yes it seems to be high and low shifts, id hope the motor isn't going out iv only had it a week
  10. UPDATE- i hear it on other tracks to but not the original one i had problems with, will be looking into the possible power issues
  11. if you have any info on where i could find one wing at face value that would be amazing so far iv seen nothing but huge markups

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