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  1. Damn, this isn't easy. High Violet Alligator Boxer Sad Songs Sleep Well Beast Trouble Easy to Find Self Titled
  2. Dark shores is available in the secretly store edit: nevermind, it’s Darker Shores that’s available.
  3. https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/shop/friction-baby.html We are finally able to make previous voting titles available again through our partnership with the online vinyl shop and content marketplace Qrates. The below titles are available to pre-order now and will be manufactured based on demand in limited quantities: https://vinyl.lnk.to/ROGxQrates - Better Than Ezra "Friction, Baby" - Fred Neil "Bleecker & MacDougal" - Ronnie Hawkins And The Hawks "Mr. Dynamo" - The Incredible String Band "The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter" Through their evolution of on-demand manufacturing, Qrates has the ability to take pre-orders on ROG titles that didn’t win the vote but are ready to be pressed in limited quantities. It typically takes around 8-10 weeks after a pre-order closes for Qrates to deliver a record. All of the production work will be handled at Record Industry in the Netherlands so fans can expect the same level of quality they have come to expect from other Run Out Groove titles. Think of these releases as the ones that got away, but you got ‘em anyway.
  4. Same here, I’ve got to crank it just to hear it. Noticed it digital on Apple Music too.
  5. I’d much rather they do and are able to release them that way than to not release them at all. But yeah, it’s not great but it gives the option.
  6. A Garden pressing would be terrific, but it’s a start with Deluxe and with the pledge music platform maybe they will go that route with their other albums. I’ve got an OG Friction, Baby but would love to have Garden and Closer. Before the Robots would be nice as well. Love me some BTE.
  7. Same, what is the deal with that one. Very odd to be the only one not released, must be something about 1 specific license or some other legal reason. Or just for whatever reason they have been working on it and haven’t got it mastered or something to the point where it’s ready.
  8. Got mine today! Packaging and art is fantastic. Very well put together. Nice that a label takes the time with that stuff and cares. It’s a tri-fold for a single LP. Best at of all it came with a insert showing some upcoming wargod releases that included a 20th anniversary edition of Fuels Sunburn. I’ve got a OG copy, but count me in for that!
  9. I ordered mine from amazon.ca third party and got a tracking number. Haven’t received it yet but hopefully will come on blue. Also ordered a separate copy of gravity which will hopefully be red. No tracking on that one.
  10. A comment on the Discogs entry indicates someone has a black copy. I believe the canadian ones the band was selling on tour were definitely blue.
  11. Gravity is great, and apparently it was recently pressed too, so I’m looking for it as well!
  12. I am seeing that there is now a Canadian pressing on blue wax of Spiritual Machines. I’m looking for a copy if anyone has a hook up let me know.
  13. Got mine today, I got a extra in hopes of a trade for the Green Lost And Gone Forever or for a copy of Ganging Up On The Sun.
  14. Isbell shows are fantastic, you should definitely think about going. This run should be more rock focused too.