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  1. Title says it all, looking to buy Barbarella 7", discogs and ebay both have nothing so I figured I'd ask here. If you have a copy your willing to sell please message me. Thanks!
  2. Ummm.. the tracklist for Jah extended was already posted. Also Ball and Chain was on the Jah release that came out for record store day
  3. could very well be different versions, as the name for Roots of Creation is different from the Zepeda tape then on EUTS
  4. ah my mistake I forgot about that. I believe I have seen a picture online of a Sublime demo tape with the boring song on it, also had Brad's 438-4836 phone number on it EDIT: After a little research, it looks like half of the bonus songs on Jah come from Sublime's first known demo tape called the "Zepeda Demo Tape" circa 1988, the guys used it to get gigs when they were just beginning. I guess it will be interesting to hear these songs, considering they are not off of EUTS, but a rare demo tape.
  5. Ehh the bonus tracks for Jah aren't as great as I thought they would be. I'm assuming they pulled the songs from Everything Under the Sun. If that's the case then 4/10 bonus tracks are on Second Hand Smoke anyways. I'm also surprised they didn't include Roots of Creation, that's classic Sublime at their best.
  6. This is so fucking disappointing. $400 that's insane. It really sucks because that Jah 2LP is so tempting, I'm sure it has Roots of Creation on it and the alternate Smoke Two Joints which both rock.
  7. RIP Layne Staley one of the greatest vocalists of all time ,died 14 years ago today. Here's my Alice in Chains collection. http://imgur.com/a/8Rbvp
  8. Title basically says it all, I am looking for the colored editions of any of the Live Trax' (1 - 4, not #5). I'd be willing to buy or trade some records for any of these boxsets... have a look at my collection https://deadformat.net/collection/Sublime Thanks!
  9. These are in no particular order Red Hot Chili Peppers- Mother's Milk (1989) Pearl Jam- Ten (1991) Alice in Chains- Dirt (1992) Sublime- 40 oz to Freedom (1992) Stone Temple Pilots- Purple (1994) *its pretty much a tie between this and tiny music...(1997) In my opinion they're both perfect albums by STP Rage Against the Machine- Evil Empire (1996) Third Eye Blind- Third Eye Blind (1997) Dave Matthews Band- Before These Crowded Streets (1998) Dashboard Confessional- The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most (2001) Death Cab for Cutie- Plans (2005)
  10. Long shot here, but Im looking for a copy of Live's debut album Mental Jewelry (brazil or german pressing). This vinyl is very rare and I've never seen one on ebay, so if anyone's willing to part with it for the right price please let me know. Thanks!
  11. I Have a couple, but my favorite is probably my promo copy of Live's Selling the Drama on translucent blue vinyl
  12. Anyone know what happened to this? Amazon says not in stock and no more on the way