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  1. Thanks so much. I will try craigslist first but I live in a smaller town so I am not optimistic I’ll find many people interested but I’ll give it a shot then maybe try Audiogon.
  2. I am looking into selling my turntable and cartridge and am wondering what site you all have had experience with. I have a VPI Traveler table and Dynavector DV 20X2 HOMC cart. Thanks for any input.
  3. So, the wife wants to go back for her masters degree and it ain't gonna be cheap. That means, its finally time to sell off my collection. Shipping is whatever it costs me to ship. Offers are welcome, but generally, more willing to take offers when buying more than one or two items. I take paypal, and venmo. I am also selling on discogs, so I will try to update as I sell. 100 Demons 100 Demons LP, Album, Red 7.99 A Great Big Pile Of Leaves You're Always On My Mind LP, Album, Oxb 25 A.M. Overcast Lexicon Palace 7", EP, Ltd, Swa 1
  4. They are all links in a chain. Any weak link in the chain will make the sound quality lower. From my perspective, all of those components mentioned matter, and matter greatly. Cartridges have the task of essentially converting a mechanical input to an electrical output at extremely precise levels. Turntables really only need to be stable, consistent, and not prone to vibrations. Preamp's color the tiny electrical energy from your stylus using a RIAA curve. A crap preamp will work, but the closer to the RIAA curve the output is, the closer to the intended sound form your records. An am
  5. A dedicated phono would be the first thing thing I would purchase for that system.
  6. You just have one floor joist supporting your floor? Many people understand how buildings are made. That’s how we keep building them. So, take an engineering perspective of this issue. Codes call for a specific load bearing capacity of a floor, as a whole. Let’s say 40 lbs/square foot is standard. It doesn’t matter if it’s upstairs or downstairs, assuming your downstairs isn’t a concrete pad on earth. Let’s say you have a 10*15 foot room. Your square footage is 150 square feet, right? Your load bearing capacity would be 40psf*150ft^2 = 6000 lbs. this is for your whole
  7. Have a new project I'm working on and could use some cash. Looking to sell some records to find that cash. Some things in my collection are Touché Amore, Algenernon Cadwallader, Sorority Noise, Old Gray, Modest Mouse, Cap'n Jazz, some punk, some hardcore... check out my discogs and make offers through here. Shipping is $3.50 first item, 0.50 each after that. Will reduce prices for multiples sold. Some stuff I won't let go, but feel free to make me offers on anything in my collection. Thanks!! https://www.discogs.com/user/legg95/collection
  8. You'll have to do some troubleshooting. First thing to do is to check the audio cables. I don't know if the Dual 604 has hard wired rca cables or not. If they are not hard wired, switch the red and white around on the back of the turntable. What happens? audio switch from right to left speaker? Yes - move on, No - problem is with the amp or connection. Obviously, check connection on back f amp. Make sure cables are snugly connected. If you switch the cables around, and it is still only playing through the left speaker it could get more difficult to detect. The
  9. I cant go into as much detail as other can, but tubes are often very pleasing to the ear. I like a tube preamp because to my ears, it colors the sound in a way that warms it up and it makes the sound just sound fuller. With that being said, I have heard the Belari and it is a decent preamp, but it is not a true tube preamp. Its more like a hybrid. What I have is a preamp that I built myself that's based on a much more expensive preamp called EAR 834p. If you are good with your hands and soldering, its a very fun project, but time consuming. I'm extremely happy with the sound, and will
  10. I know the Bellari is a "tube" phono preamp. Are tubes in this stage something you are looking for? Personally, I really like a tube preamp, and could give recommendations based om that, but I'm just curious.
  11. Mostly everything you need to know is there. But no, you shouldn't use your guitar speaker...
  12. The SL-1300 can be used in manual mode, correct? That is a pretty solid deck, from my understanding. Basically a 1200 but with auto? I had a Music Hall 2.2 LE, which is essentially the same thing. Mine had the acrylic platter, and I had the speed box. For what its worth, the music hall was nice, but just didn't feel like the build made it worth the money. It just felt cheap. That is juts my opinion. I liked that deck a lot, but was left wanting for something more solid. If it were me, I'd put the 1300 in manual mode, and buy a new cart. If you decide you would like the Projec
  13. Those are two sweet options for the price point. I don't know the Canadian market at all, so no way could I answer.

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