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  1. The google docs link that someone posted in the previous page of this thread was updated and contains a full story about what happened
  2. https://shopuk.matadorrecords.com/collections/interpol/products/interpol-exclusive-7-magazine-bundle
  3. Give it a few listens while you drive or walk or do stuff at home. It worked for me and now I am playing it on repeat. I found the start being pretty weird but it is indeed listed in the album tracklising as 3:14 and the video is 2:38 so we indeed got a cut intro.
  4. According to Discogs the deluxe version has those runout groove etchings Matrix / Runout (Runout side A, etched): DRM 018LP A [email protected] BH97602-01A¹ 0190 295 740191 Matrix / Runout (Runout side B, etched): DRM 018LP B [email protected] BH97602-01B¹ 0190295740191 Matrix / Runout (Runout side C, etched): DRM 018LP C [email protected] 0190 295 740 191 BH97602-02C1 Matrix / Runout (Runout side D, etched): DRM 018LP D [email protected] 0190295 740191 BH97602-02D1 I am waiting for my local to get me my regular version so I cannot cross check. Someone else from here should be
  5. So so cool! Thanks for the link. I guess mine didnt come with a test pressing then
  6. So lucky!!! Congrats! Was the test pressing sealed inside the book or it was just put in the mailer? Can you post a pic of it please?
  7. From https://thirdmanstore.com/thevault/home/show/sneak-peek-vault-36-items (posted on 06/06/2018)
  8. There was this banner on the front page of the store
  9. UGH I dint notice they replaced it with signed black vinyl now
  10. Looks like I can add it in my cart I didnt go further than that though Maybe try again?
  11. Posting this here just because this topic has some big interest from Sleep fans. Signed Dopesmoker sativa colored LP https://www.musicrecordshop.com/sleep-dopesmoker-vinyl-record-2018.html
  12. I have the same feeling Seeing that there are only 2 tracks listed as collaborations then I sense a few more instrumentals besides the Lake Zurich Waiting for more details before placing an order for a bundle that includes the colored version. Shipping in the EU varies by country. Some get the box bundle with 7.99 Euros shipping and some for 46 Euros.
  13. Do we know if the vinyl pressing is identical for the regular packaged version?
  14. Yeah, I forgot to add this one To be honest I am aiming to get the transparent red version but I have to figure out the details My local got several copies but I need to drop by and get the barcode and catalog numbers info and cross check with Discigs
  15. I am a bit confused about the colored variants of this release Discogs has all listed but it is a bit unclear which purple version is available where. Probably just a mix up from the people who made the listing, but here's what's listed so far Red opaque = Europe Red transparent = USA , Canada & Europe Purple opaque = Australia & New Zealand Purple opaque #2 = USA , Canada & Europe Purple marbled = USA , Canada & Europe

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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