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  1. At this rate (not counting Salival) we could expect new album details this Saturday. Adam at one point was active on another well known forum asking questions related to a future repress of their back catalogue. I’m guessing the new album has put this on hold but it appears they’re aware they’ve missed out/dropped the ball on vinyl reissues. AAA was often mentioned so I’m hoping they don’t throw a digital step into the chain. That fact that 10,000 Days never saw an official vinyl release is criminal.
  2. Looks like I’m signing back up. Looking forward to a fresh copy of Handsome Boy with the original CD artwork.
  3. There’s also a new Blue Note series that begins next month called The Tone Poet Series. Don Was from Blue Note is backing it and Joe from Music Matters is heading it up. They’re selecting titles from Blue Note that have yet to see an audiophile release. All analog and the same jackets that MM is known for will be used. First titles Wayne Shorter “Etcetera” Chick Corea “Now he sings now he sobs” Retail will be $35 but amazon preorders have dipped under $30.
  4. I’ve ordered 6 of the first 12 SRX MM titles. Currently received three. After hearing them ordered three more which are on the way. Ive read the KOB has had pressing/noise issues. Can’t speak from personal experience though. So far the three MM titles I’ve received (night in Tunisia, hank Mobley and song for my father) are incredible. Dead quiet. It’s bizarre how quiet they are when you drop the needle and between tracks. I do have other MM 33’s and 45’s to compare them to. I agree $60 is steep but they’re not getting cheaper.
  5. Def grabbing a copy. I really wish it was pressed on black vinyl. I care far more about sound than appearance.
  6. Received my copy today (black vinyl). Nice heavy, quiet and flat. Sound is not bad. Not sure if they recorded to tape but I doubt it. Really disappointed that it didn’t come with a download card.
  7. Listened twice through and really enjoying it. It definitely needs some time but def picking up a copy locally on my way home.
  8. Great news. I gave up long ago on a new album from these guys. Hopefully we’ll see a repress of their first album.
  9. Haven't seen this posted anywhere. Panic Prevention has been a long time coming. Already placed an order but haven't received shipping confirmation. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/vinyl-jamie-t-panic-prevention-kings/
  10. I agree that Dallas record shops are pretty weak. Good Records’ stock is meh. Josey is overpriced. Forever Young is incredibly overpriced. Best shops in the area are Docs in Ft Worth which still hasn’t reopened and Direct Audio which is online only (warehouse is in North Dallas). 14 Records on garland road is worth checking out for vintage stock. He also has a selection at Curiosities in Lakewood. Prices can be high but he’s willing to make deals.
  11. I’d go with the Analogue Productions 2LP repress. They never disappoint.

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