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  1. The Cure- Disintegration is a favorite of mine late at night
  2. Tyler.Havriliak

    2015 - Upcoming Releases You're Anticipating

    Hopefully new Brand New. Also fairly excited for new Motion City Soundtrack. Not super confident in the album itself, but interested to hear it. Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room Matt Skiba and the Sekrets The Front Bottoms The Falcon with Dave Hause added to the team. Frank Turner (Really optimistic) But thats about all I can think of. Looking like a great year though! Especially when it comes to bands touring and festivals.
  3. Selling a ticket to each night of Alkaline Trio upcoming shows in Brooklyn. Face value. Wanted to go desperately but just live too far away and have so little money to pay for gas/hotel/food. Let me know if you are interested.
  4. I bought tickets to this show and unfortunately cannot make it. I have tickets to all 4 nights, and would like to sell them to a deserving trio fan. I'm asking $35 per night. It's on will call, and I don't have physical copies of the tickets but if you get in contact with me I can change the name on the tickets after I receive payment through Paypal. Contact me ASAP if interested! Edit- Oops wrong forum. Can we move this over to the sales thread?
  5. Frank Turner- Poetry of the Deed
  6. Say Anything- Is a real boy...
  7. Tyler.Havriliak

    Archer: VICE

  8. From Here to Infirmary- Alkaline Trio