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  1. I thought there was a rumor, or legit info, going around of them being back in the studio... I do know there was a tour planned at least before the pandemic shut everything down.
  2. https://boards.vinylcollective.com/settings/signature/
  3. Got my order from MerchNow, maybe a week ago? Finally had some time and am listening right now. Finished side A (which seems to have the issues) and it sounds alright, I think there was a skip in the first track, but cleaning it again might help, otherwise I can live with that. I think I lucked out on this and Zao as well... Hopefully something can get figured out though with future releases. I'm a fan of Solid State's catalog and the chance of a crummy pressing is a bit of a concern now.
  4. About freaking time with Aquaman! Looks like a decent line-up with the future titles as well...
  5. Cleaning up the collection a bit, shipping should be no more than $5, can bundle also. US only. 10" Underoath - Lost In The Sound Of Separation, saw blades boxset, #1644 of 5000 - SOLD 12" Everything In Slow Motion - Laid Low, silver, #150 - SOLD Matty Mullins - self titled, red/tan/blue starburst, #500, CD included - $20 Memphis May Fire - Unconditional (Deluxe Edition), mint green/clear split w/oxblood splatter, #500 - $20 Spoken - Breathe Again, translucent red - $20 Would be up to trade, you can view my want list in my signature, or her
  6. I was only wanting/needing The Chariot... and think I got a copy though, hopefully the order sticks. @tokimedo some Norma Jean links if you're still looking: Norma Jean "Meridonial" | Looney Tunes Records (looneytuneslongisland.com) Norma Jean - Meridional (2LP) — Jackpot Records
  7. Tooth & Nail and Solid State will have a sale from Black Friday through New Years. Music wise, select vinyl for $10. All CD's for $5. Tooth & Nail Records (merchnow.com) Solid State (merchnow.com)
  8. Solid State Records, in partnership with Living Sacrifice, are extremely proud to announce a vinyl record repressing of the ground-breaking, brutal, critically-acclaimed (Multiple sources give it a 10/10) album Reborn on Coke Bottle w/White Smoke vinyl /529 copies. Collaborated from-start-to-finish with the band, this LP: • Has, for the first time, been mastered specifically for vinyl based on the ORIGINAL Mixes from 1997, and it sounds more savage than ever. • Restored the iconic, original, hauntingly-gorgeous artwork for the cover, sans the title font text (for optimal displaying)
  9. It was an open pre-order. I think they said they'd be numbered though... we'll have to wait and see.
  10. This is a licensed release. Price is going to be higher than normal.
  11. Was going to pass since I have the RSD version, but it has an additional track, so they got me there... But a pass on the "live" one, may check out the stream or whatever though.
  12. When the T&N/SS catalog was sold, I believe, they kept the rights to ABR and Demon Hunter. I thought I read that somewhere. As far as it being a re-recording, I was just going off fan comments I've seen. So take it with a grain of salt. It has been 15 years, they could be doing something for it's anniversary. And this was originally pressed for RSD several years ago. Maybe they've seen a demand and this will be a more widespread release?
  13. There's some speculation going around about this being a re-recording with Jake.
  14. Weird. I actually managed to go through PayPal just fine, clicked the submit order, and then it had some issue and said to try again or contact support. My submit order page now just timed out, even the product pages aren't loading anymore. Crazy, I guess I underestimated how sought out these are! EDIT: Looks like I finally got my order to go through... hopefully it sticks. Only bought "Blood and Fire", curious to know the inventory remaining.

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