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  1. Finally, after like three years of waiting! 12 AM variant (solid black) #500 https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/v2/291861/bloodied--unbowed-12-am-lp--dd Do Not Revive Me variant (black/red split) #500 https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/v2/291862/bloodied--unbowed-do-not-revive-me-lp--dd Black N Blood (red/black splatter on clear?) #500 https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/v2/291863/bloodied--unbowed-black-n-blood-lp--dd Cemetary (red/black smoke/swirl?) #500 ONLY IN BUNDLES https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/v2/291960/bloodied--unbowed-002 (cheapest one)
  2. Have regretted having to sell my Hot Topic variant a few years back... nice to get this one back!
  3. Got to see them last summer, very down to Earth people. Looking forward to this!
  4. 2nd variant now sold out, or is selling out. There's a third Blue/White swirl variant. Only showing up in bundles right now.
  5. New variant, "Old Blood" (red), out of #250 for anyone interested: https://toothandnailrecords.merchnow.com/products/v2/289803/young-in-my-head-old-blood-lp--dd
  6. I think so. If you can wait, Tooth and Nail/Solid State have done sales and you can pick them up pretty cheap. Think I got mine for like $10 around RSD last year.
  7. Lots of life stuff going on... plus it might be time for some Spring cleaning... U.S. only please, add $4 shipping, an additional $1 each if buying multiple. Can fit two, maybe 3 records per mailer. Kind of set on prices, but am open to offers. Haven't traded in a long time, would be down for that, some major wants are listed otherwise check my signature for more. WANT Becoming the Archetype - Terminate Damnation (any variant) Impending Doom - There Will Be Violence, Blue, #500 My Epic (any album/EP/variants) SELLING For Today variants... some new, some "secondhand" Breaker - Translucent Blue, 2nd Press, #500 - $18 (some nicked up corners/shelf wear, top left is probably the "worst", has a seam split along top as well, ask for pics) Breaker - Clear/Blue Marble, 3rd Press, Facedown Records Subscription, #250 - $18 (bought new, wasn't shipped very well, has some wear along edges, ask for pics) Breaker - Baby Blue, 4th Press, #270 (unplayed) - $18 Ekklesia - Clear, #500 Immortal - White Portraits - Translucent Green, 1st Press, #500 - $18 Prevailer - Orange, #250 Prevailer - Light Blue, #500 (unplayed) - $20 Wake - Red w/Black Splatter, Band Exclusive, #500 (unplayed) - $20 Wake - Silver, FYE Exclusive (unplayed?) - $10 Duplicates, less spun, etc.: Mae - Multisensory Aesthetic Experience, 2xLP, 1 Purple/1 Clear *SEALED* - $20 Silent Planet - When The End Began, Snow White in Blue Moon, #400(?), UNFD Exclusive *SEALED* - $30 Skillet - Awake Skillet - Rise Skillet - Unleashed, no CD Wage War - Deadweight, Blue Sky, #290/300, SmartPunk Exclusive (unplayed) - $30
  8. Tour/VIP exclusive leftovers: https://tdwpstore.com/116831/With-Roots-Above-and-Branches-Below-10-Year-Anniversary-Edition-LP-Music
  9. Late Christmas gift to me! Although I'm missing the "transparent lyric sheet" and "black envelope" (and whatever that contains)... although I still got the feather.
  10. Speaking of Fallout... I wonder whatever happened to that 10th Anniversary for 3 that was teased? And I'd love a pressing of New Vegas.