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  1. This title will ship mid-February, but the pre-order goes live tomorrow: November 22nd @ 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST. Exclusive variants split between the August Burns Red & Solid State stores.
  2. I originally signed up for the wait list for that day... But I guess it wasn't meant to be. Was so jealous to see Death Cab For Cutie and Underoath were added because Avril dropped too!
  3. All their albums are solid, pretty stoked on all the guest features on this one!
  4. Snagged everything! 😁 Let's just see if the orders stick.
  5. I'll be attending Saturday. IF there are any copies I'll see what I can do.
  6. Set times aren't too bad for me! I'll probably be at the "Stripe" stage most of the day. A little torn between Paramore and Thursday though... maybe I can catch half of each set.
  7. Managed to get a ticket for the "When We Were Young" festival this weekend. Just waiting on band times and such to try and plan out!
  8. Same variant for me. Hopefully this leads to some other albums from this Solid State era getting pressed. The Ongoing Concept's "Saloon" is turning 10 next year heh heh heh...
  9. Welp... I'm probably going to have to resort to eBay and Discogs now...
  10. Got my copy today. Surprised I didn't have to wait several months for it! 🤣 And the album is fantastic in my opinion! Also, I ordered the "Watchtower" one, and it didn't turn out like the tri color mockup. It's more like a black/silver starburst. Looks cool, but I'm wondering if I got another variant...
  11. Q: “We have a real life, serious financial / adulting responsibilities that keep us from attending an event like this, but still really want to own those records. Why are you being so exclusionary and unfair to people like us?” A: We understand how you feel. Promoting the idea of “seeing the artists and this vinyl community meeting up in person” is at the heart of this ambition. Having exclusively-offered items at gatherings such as ComicCon or major sporting events is common practice in collector’s circles that exist outside of the vinyl world. Giving a “forever-memorable, rewarding experience” in the form of a physical keepsake to those folks who take the risk and pay to see the artists (who literally cannot continue without our in-person support), is a way to make a unique and thoughtful contribution towards the continuation of our scene. If you feel slighted or unfairly-excluded by this decision, it may be an opportunity to reach in & contribute to this community (rather than maligning it) or network with new friends who can help you get ahold of the record. The hope is, that they would also see the value in assisting a perfect stranger who took a risk in “directly asking for the help.” You are being given a heads up this year so that you can plan accordingly. For complicated licensing reasons that didn’t affect last year’s drops, there are currently no plans to repress these albums outside of this drop.