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  1. Weird. I actually managed to go through PayPal just fine, clicked the submit order, and then it had some issue and said to try again or contact support. My submit order page now just timed out, even the product pages aren't loading anymore. Crazy, I guess I underestimated how sought out these are! EDIT: Looks like I finally got my order to go through... hopefully it sticks. Only bought "Blood and Fire", curious to know the inventory remaining.
  2. Completed checkout at MerchNow... but for some reason it didn't go through? Now everything is timing out.
  3. I think Dead Format was better at showing off collections. Don't remember too much of the sales/trades/community, but I don't recall any problems. Discogs is good as a database (pressing info, variants, current "value") and the marketplace can be handy. But the collection layout is messy and cluttered... Navigating releases can be a little tedious... Adding things not in the database is a pain...
  4. New Battletoads press, disc 1 has music from the original, disc 2 the recent reboot(?) 500 random orders get a cassette as well. https://www.iam8bit.com/collections/rare/products/battletoads-smash-hits-2xlp
  5. Reinstalled Control, playing through The Foundation expansion. Trying to finish before the AWE expansion. I. Need. More. Alan Wake!
  6. These recent Tooth & Nail/Solid State reissues are licensed, so that's probably a factor in the price. Unoriginal Vinyl has done some pretty nice work with them though.
  7. Bought an unknown sealed copy of The Devil Wears Prada - Zombie EP on eBay (was a second chance offer since the first buyer flaked or something) for $25. Opened when I got it and it's the rare grey marble variant. I was able to get it signed by 5/6 of the original/recording members a year or so later. Worth at least double when I first bought it, could probably get $200+ for it on a good day now.
  8. Last I posted here was 2015... but it looks like I acquired the whale I posted, hahaha. I can't remember when I acquired this one but it's pretty rare and I'm happy to own: Black Iris - "Welcome to Bright Falls" I've only seen 6 in existence. https://www.discogs.com/Black-Iris-Welcome-To-Bright-Falls/release/7151118 I guess now... I'm hunting for the test presses for: Artifex Pereo - Time In Place Artifex Pereo - Passengers
  9. Caved and got a boxset... I can hopefully sell my Rebirth tour variant to offset the cost a bit. Plus I'll have that other copy of LITSOS now! I'm really interested in that full tour comment. Playing all three of these in full? That would've been sick!
  10. I dig the box set. I have that "Rebirth tour vinyl" already, but another copy of LITSOS would be nice. I have those 10" sawblades for that one.
  11. I wonder why they haven't pressed the scores for their last few DCEU movies. Aquaman, for example, was very unique (imo) and the CD version sold very well I believe.
  12. Minecraft Volume Beta Color or black vinyl, optional lenticular jacket, will be a double LP: https://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-beta https://ghostly.com/products/minecraft-volume-beta
  13. I know! Hopefully this will lead to a press for Alan Wake as well. Petri Alanko's scores for their last few games have been really good. I'd highly recommend it. Any of Remedy's games are great(imo)! Disclosure, I have not played the Max Payne ones though.
  14. https://www.lacedrecords.com/products/control-deluxe-double-vinyl