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  1. I wonder why they haven't pressed the scores for their last few DCEU movies. Aquaman, for example, was very unique (imo) and the CD version sold very well I believe.
  2. Minecraft Volume Beta Color or black vinyl, optional lenticular jacket, will be a double LP: https://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-beta https://ghostly.com/products/minecraft-volume-beta
  3. I know! Hopefully this will lead to a press for Alan Wake as well. Petri Alanko's scores for their last few games have been really good. I'd highly recommend it. Any of Remedy's games are great(imo)! Disclosure, I have not played the Max Payne ones though.
  4. https://www.lacedrecords.com/products/control-deluxe-double-vinyl
  5. Hahaha! Anyone remember this kid friendly version of Doom? https://limitedrungames.com/collections/soundtracks/products/chex-quest-soundtrack-vinyl
  6. That's pretty cool and unexpected... Now for the KOTOR soundtracks! II is one of my favorite scores.
  7. I liked the green (at least mock up wise) but missed the announcement by about an hour. Crazy how fast these are going. The B-sides are what intrigue me with this press.
  8. First time something's caught my eye with these... voted for Killswitch Engage!
  9. One thing I have noticed is that their store is set up really weird. You can actually find more records (NJ, TDWP) under the "bundles" tab, probably because those include digital downloads. I don't know, I think it's weird also. Or just look at "home/everything".
  10. 25% everything in stock. Might be a good time to pick up some of the recent releases if you've been on the fence: https://solidstate.merchnow.com/ https://toothandnailrecords.merchnow.com/ Quick link to just the vinyl section: https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/bycode?code=LP https://toothandnailrecords.merchnow.com/products/bycode?code=LP
  11. Hopefully we'll get some (re)presses of their other records, I know he's mentioned it a few times already.
  12. Looks like they will all be gatefold 2xLP's... and there will be a few more variants, they should become available on release date: Grey Pearl Electric Sapphire (US Indie Store exclusive) Silver+Gold (FYE exclusive)
  13. https://us.store.augustburnsred.com/collections/home-page-products/products/guardians-vinyl-neon-yellow - #500 https://us.store.augustburnsred.com/collections/home-page-products/products/guardian-vinyl-coke-bottle-green - #1000 https://us.store.augustburnsred.com/collections/home-page-products/products/guardians-vinyl-tan-marble - #1500 https://us.store.augustburnsred.com/collections/home-page-products/products/guardians-bundle-11 - all variants and a test press of #50
  14. This wasn't originally a Solid State release, but looks like it was reissued under them in 1999. Not sure who's in charge of this one. I don't think I've (truly) listened to pre-Bruce LS. Definitely on board for represses and firsts of their catalog though!