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  1. Lots of life stuff going on... plus it might be time for some Spring cleaning... I am in the process of moving right now, so not too sure when I can send things off, hopefully within the next week or two. I am away from my collection currently, but message me if you're curious about one in particular and I'll check it out next time I can. U.S. only please, add $4 shipping, an additional $1 each if buying multiple No offers at the moment, but would be open to trades. For Today variant collection, got close, but alas... some I bought sealed, others are second hand, some might have minor jacket damage if I recall Breaker - Translucent Blue, 2nd Press, #500 - $20 Breaker - Clear/Blue Marble, 3rd Press, Facedown Records Subscription, #250 (unplayed?) - $20 Breaker - Baby Blue, 4th Press, #270 (unplayed) - $20 Ekklesia - Clear, #500 - $20 Immortal - White (unplayed) - $20 Portraits - Translucent Green, 1st Press, #500 - $20 Prevailer - Orange, #250 Prevailer - Light Blue, #500 (unplayed) - $20 Wake - Red w/Black Splatter, Band Exclusive, #500 (unplayed) - $20 Wake - Silver, FYE Exclusive (unplayed?) - $10 Duplicates, less spun, etc.: Mae - Multisensory Aesthetic Experience, 2xLP, 1 Purple/1 Clear *SEALED* - $20 Silent Planet - When The End Began, Snow White in Blue Moon, #400(?), UNFD Exclusive *SEALED* - $30 Skillet - Awake - $10 Skillet - Rise - $10 Skillet - Unleashed, no CD - $10 Spoken - Breathe Again - $10
  2. Tour/VIP exclusive leftovers: https://tdwpstore.com/116831/With-Roots-Above-and-Branches-Below-10-Year-Anniversary-Edition-LP-Music
  3. Late Christmas gift to me! Although I'm missing the "transparent lyric sheet" and "black envelope" (and whatever that contains)... although I still got the feather.
  4. Speaking of Fallout... I wonder whatever happened to that 10th Anniversary for 3 that was teased? And I'd love a pressing of New Vegas.
  5. Samesies… might have to let this one go. Hopefully, a "normal" repress can happen. Never managed to pick up one of the first ones either.
  6. Shipping situation is unique, I've recently moved, was in a car accident and now don't have a vehicle. Not sure "when" I can ship these. Can also combine/bundle. Continental U.S. only please... with maybe an exception to my friends in Canada... If you want to do some trades, check my want list. I'm also super close to finishing my For Today variant collection so would definitely trade for one of the remaining! Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Jango Fett variant, #1000) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (Rey variant, #500) Silent Planet "When The End Began" (Snow White in Blue Moon, #400?) *sealed* - $40PPD or best offer or trade Spoken "Breathe Again" - $10PPD Skillet "Awake" - $10PPD Skillet "Rise" - $10PPD Skillet "Unleashed" (no CD) - $10PPD
  7. The Skyrim box set is getting another release. PRE-SALE will be up tomorrow on Spacelab9's site. Emerald Circlet limited to #500 Sapphire Circlet limited to #200
  8. My "portfolio", I mostly use the first, but both should be up to date currently, metalcore and soundtracks for the most part: Excel: https://1drv.ms/x/s!ArO_3KvmS3remAI6GoL9CLfKEuWt Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/user/mosiermadness/collection I also have 200ish?, mostly classic rock type records I've received from a friend. I used to have them catalogued but can't find it. But it's just stuff you'd probably already have, inherit from parents, or find in used bins/dollar stores, etc.
  9. Glad to help! Test: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qtwduLSi4gb6ua1cA Test2: EDIT1: So copying the link will just take you to it. It won't show in the post. EDIT2: Left clicking the picture (should take up more screen), then right clicking the picture and copy/pasting THAT link allows the picture directly. I've never used Google Photos for sharing images here. Seems to be a hassle anyways hahaha. I've usually used TinyPic.
  10. Yeah, I listened to that last night and didn't like it. This morning it was more tolerable... still very odd though.
  11. 1) Account settings. Signature should be one of the tabs on the left of the screen. Or try this link: https://boards.vinylcollective.com/settings/signature/ 2) Copying the link directly into the post should work. This was a random from Bing:
  12. Don't know If I should ask here or the Fallout thread... but has anyone here been playing the B.E.T.A. for 76? I didn't pre-order and became busy during this week it was scheduled anyways. Seems like a hit or miss from other forums/articles/etc.
  13. $10 today only: https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/v2/271159/new-medicines-translucent-red https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/v2/271160/new-medicines-coke-bottle-clear
  14. They did resign to T&N. They recently put out a "3.0 EP"... which is basically a little preview for this release if anyone is interested.