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  1. About time. I remember them asking on Twitter several years ago if they should press this. Their recent Creation | Destruction repress looks like it sold out quickly. If you think it'd hold out until Halloween though...
  2. Snagged an "Infection" during a work break. Second press mockups look a lot better than the firsts (imo). Hopefully you variant collector's aren't going crazy!
  3. Bummer... thanks a lot work... hopefully some more show up somewhere. Otherwise if someone wants to part ways with one... 😀
  4. I don't think the recent represses were "official". I wonder if Solid State could get their Ferret catalog... Some Zombie II info here: The Devil Wears Prada set to release new EP 'Zombie II' (lambgoat.com)
  5. I remember the simple times of VC, when everyone commented on getting their shipping notifications.
  6. I thought there was a rumor, or legit info, going around of them being back in the studio... I do know there was a tour planned at least before the pandemic shut everything down.
  7. https://boards.vinylcollective.com/settings/signature/
  8. Got my order from MerchNow, maybe a week ago? Finally had some time and am listening right now. Finished side A (which seems to have the issues) and it sounds alright, I think there was a skip in the first track, but cleaning it again might help, otherwise I can live with that. I think I lucked out on this and Zao as well... Hopefully something can get figured out though with future releases. I'm a fan of Solid State's catalog and the chance of a crummy pressing is a bit of a concern now.
  9. About freaking time with Aquaman! Looks like a decent line-up with the future titles as well...
  10. Cleaning up the collection a bit, shipping should be no more than $5, can bundle also. US only. 10" Underoath - Lost In The Sound Of Separation, saw blades boxset, #1644 of 5000 - SOLD 12" Everything In Slow Motion - Laid Low, silver, #150 - SOLD Matty Mullins - self titled, red/tan/blue starburst, #500, CD included - $20 Memphis May Fire - Unconditional (Deluxe Edition), mint green/clear split w/oxblood splatter, #500 - $20 Spoken - Breathe Again, translucent red - $20 Would be up to trade, you can view my want list in my signature, or her
  11. I was only wanting/needing The Chariot... and think I got a copy though, hopefully the order sticks. @tokimedo some Norma Jean links if you're still looking: Norma Jean "Meridonial" | Looney Tunes Records (looneytuneslongisland.com) Norma Jean - Meridional (2LP) — Jackpot Records
  12. Tooth & Nail and Solid State will have a sale from Black Friday through New Years. Music wise, select vinyl for $10. All CD's for $5. Tooth & Nail Records (merchnow.com) Solid State (merchnow.com)
  13. Solid State Records, in partnership with Living Sacrifice, are extremely proud to announce a vinyl record repressing of the ground-breaking, brutal, critically-acclaimed (Multiple sources give it a 10/10) album Reborn on Coke Bottle w/White Smoke vinyl /529 copies. Collaborated from-start-to-finish with the band, this LP: • Has, for the first time, been mastered specifically for vinyl based on the ORIGINAL Mixes from 1997, and it sounds more savage than ever. • Restored the iconic, original, hauntingly-gorgeous artwork for the cover, sans the title font text (for optimal displaying)
  14. It was an open pre-order. I think they said they'd be numbered though... we'll have to wait and see.

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