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  1. First album in 10 years. With Jason Wisdom back on vocals. Two variants, I believe limited to #250 copies each. Children Of The Great Extinction Electric Blue W/ Black & White Splatt – Solid State Records Store (merchnow.com) Children Of The Great Extinction Aqua Blue In Electric Blue – Solid State Records Store (merchnow.com)
  2. Banjo-Tooie boxset, will go nicely with the B-K one (which is also restocked) Banjo-Kazooie - Banjo-Tooie Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set - Fangamer
  3. Looking for a couple of records. Not picky on variants, except for one, which is marked. May add some more later. Thanks! The Almost - "Southern Weather" (looking for the UnoriginalVinyl version) Copeland - "You Are My Sunshine" Copeland - "Ixora" Copeland - "Blushing" Impending Doom - "There Will Be Violence" My Epic - "Yet" '68 - "Midnight" '68 - "Two Parts Viper"
  4. Not for music, but for two movies. I already own digital copies so... Please use the following code to access your free digital download of the movies Wonder Woman and Shazam! Your movie code is 7D1HD9VGE3FPXE15. Terms and Conditions: • You can redeem your code at www.wb.com/redeemmovie (you will have the option to apply the code to Vudu or Movies Anywhere). • This code is valid until 10/31/2022.
  5. Diablo 2: Resurrected Limited Box Set iam8bit | Diablo II: Resurrected 3xLP Deluxe Box Set - iam8bit Exclusive Edition - iam8bit 2xLP iam8bit | Diablo II: Resurrected 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack - iam8bit
  6. Went against the majority here and got the "gunpowder" variant. Wish there was a way to combine shipping through, going to have 4-5 records show up individually in March. 😆
  7. 11/18 at 10am PST. Solid State Records Store (merchnow.com) Two variants, #1000 each. Clear with Gunpowder Smoke vinyl and Clear with Heavy Blue & Black Splatter vinyl
  8. Tomorrow. 11am PST. 1000 green. 800 yellow. https://solidstate.merchnow.com/
  9. What they should've done, is have us all do a scavenger hunt at a music festival...
  10. I was wondering if it was going to be like that Zao drop again.

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