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  1. Went against the majority here and got the "gunpowder" variant. Wish there was a way to combine shipping through, going to have 4-5 records show up individually in March. 😆
  2. 11/18 at 10am PST. Solid State Records Store (merchnow.com) Two variants, #1000 each. Clear with Gunpowder Smoke vinyl and Clear with Heavy Blue & Black Splatter vinyl
  3. Tomorrow. 11am PST. 1000 green. 800 yellow. https://solidstate.merchnow.com/
  4. What they should've done, is have us all do a scavenger hunt at a music festival...
  5. I was wondering if it was going to be like that Zao drop again.
  6. I totally understand. Also I'd recommend watching this before you play, not really necessary, but it has some world building:
  7. Taking a guess... He Is Legend will be next week, the week after that will be The Chariot.
  8. Was going to ask if you're going to play it now! Such a great game. Going through it on my Xbox Series X right now as well.
  9. LOL at just being pre-orders. Still kind of a bummer about how these are being released. I'll trust some of these other comments and hopefully, hold out for a widespread release.
  10. I'm interested in all three Solid State releases. If anyone would grab them for me as well. Reimbursement plus some extra for your time.
  11. The Facebook announcement said #500 copies each and that they probably won't end up online (debatable). And they've only managed to get 500-600 pressings for their last couple releases due to licensing. Maybe I'm just getting that "fear of missing out" feeling. First one is Norma Jean's - Bless the Martyr.
  12. Unoriginal Vinyl is doing some vinyl collabs with Solid State Records each day of the fest. But they are only selling at the fest. (Check UV on Facebook) IF someone wants to be a pal and pick up the three "mystery" releases, I'd really appreciate it. Can reimburse and send a little extra also!
  13. They say to keep an eye on their page from the 24th-26th now. Judging from the lineup, I'll say: He Is Legend - I Am Hollywood Living Sacrifice - The Hammering Process Zao - Liberate To Ex Inferis Whatever they are, hopefully they'll be easy for those of us that want them. Solid State is my favorite label and I want to keep my collection complete-ish.
  14. About time. I remember them asking on Twitter several years ago if they should press this. Their recent Creation | Destruction repress looks like it sold out quickly. If you think it'd hold out until Halloween though...
  15. Snagged an "Infection" during a work break. Second press mockups look a lot better than the firsts (imo). Hopefully you variant collector's aren't going crazy!
  16. Bummer... thanks a lot work... hopefully some more show up somewhere. Otherwise if someone wants to part ways with one... 😀
  17. I don't think the recent represses were "official". I wonder if Solid State could get their Ferret catalog... Some Zombie II info here: The Devil Wears Prada set to release new EP 'Zombie II' (lambgoat.com)
  18. I remember the simple times of VC, when everyone commented on getting their shipping notifications.
  19. I thought there was a rumor, or legit info, going around of them being back in the studio... I do know there was a tour planned at least before the pandemic shut everything down.
  20. https://boards.vinylcollective.com/settings/signature/

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