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  1. I've been wanting to see them forever, and they don't tour too much it seems these days, so seeing them pop up relatively close while I'm visiting family was a no brainer! Yeah, the line-up has relatively been stable. It seems their original vocalist "DJ" has been going to recent shows with them as well, so he comes out and they do two old songs with him. I felt like one of the younger ones at this show. Although surprisingly there were a lot of families and kids too.
  2. Yeah I'm not too upset. The price gauging was ridiculous too, when I finally got in, they had like tiers within the tiers... why do I have to pay $50 more for the GA that someone got 5 minutes before me for less? And then this year with all the full album playthroughs? That's quite a few bands, and an album is what 40-50 mins? Unless they get more stages or something, I don't think that's going to go very well.
  3. Tried to get tickets for When We Were Young... But that was completely stupid and a waste of time... But got to see Living Sacrifice last night, so that was pretty awesome. Chatted with Bruce, Lance, and DJ afterwards too!
  4. I started Starfield... need to get back into it. It started off a little slow for me. I have so many games I need to start/get back into, my backlog has been building up like crazy. Stupid depression and life. Dang it... I need to talk to SOMEONE about it. We've talked some games in the past, was hoping you picked this one up as well LOL!
  5. So, I think this kinda counts here, Old Gods of Asgard (aka Poets of the Fall) are releasing a "greatest hits" album for their contributions to the Remedy Connected Universe (Alan Wake/Control). Four already released songs from the games, three from the upcoming Alan Wake sequel, and one just for this album. Old Gods of Asgard, Rebirth - Greatest Hits, Black 2LP Vinyl – Backstage Rock Shop Old Gods of Asgard, Rebirth - Greatest Hits, Gold 2LP Vinyl – Backstage Rock Shop @Rip
  6. Pressure the Hinges is a double LP. The band ones come with an art print of the deluxe artwork and retrospective essays.
  7. Two variants each, both equal to #500. (1000 total) Solid State variants: Haste the Day - Pressure the Hinges Vinyl (Pre-Order) – Solid State Records Store Haste the Day - Attack of the Wolf King Vinyl (Pre-Order) – Solid State Records Store Band variants: Haste The Day | Pressure The Hinges LP – Merch Central Haste The Day | Attack Of The Wolf King LP *PREORDER* – Merch Central
  8. I know Haste The Day said they have two unreleased albums coming soon (I'm guessing "Pressure The Hinges" and "AOTWK") and Living Sacrifice's "The Hammering Process" is getting a repress. And I'd like to say those are the three blurred out images in the middle. As for the three Furnace Fest titles, I'm really only interested in Showbread. Anyone here going (again) this year?
  9. Silent Planet - Official Merchandise (silentplanetband.com) Silent Planet – Solid State Records Store SILENT PLANET ‘SUPERBLOOM’ LP (Limited Edition – Only 300 Made, Aqua B (revolvermag.com)
  10. What timing. This basically popped up in my Instagram feed today. All Apparel – Sparrow Sleeps
  11. Got a shipping notification yesterday from TDWP store... weird.
  12. All opened but unplayed, unless noted. Most are impulse buys, duplicates, or things I won't/don't spin much. Add $5 for shipping, can bundle. Thanks for looking! The Devil Wears Prada - "Color Decay" Time variant, #500 - $25 Ro Panuganti - "Arwing Odyssey" (Music from Star Fox 64), TEST PRESS, #10(?) - OFFER or TRADE Tigerwine - "Die With Your Tongue Out", Solid Red variant, #400 - $10 (and I'll throw in the "Lull" 7" Black #400 for FREE) Times Of Grace - "Songs Of Loss And Separation" #1500 - $15 The Undertaking! - "Funeral Psalms", Corvus variant, #500 - $10 Various Artists - "Dark Nights: Death Metal" soundtrack, Lorna Vista webstore exclusive, #1343/2000 - $25
  13. This album is pretty darn good (imo), it's a sci-fi concept album I believe. Very Dichotomy reminiscent sound wise. And I agree! I regret selling my copy...
  14. Represses are up: Vinyl - Children of the Great Extinction | Becoming The Archetype (bigcartel.com) Children Of The Great Extinction Green W/ Blue & White Splatter – Solid State Records Store
  15. Again "VHS" Vinyl (Pre-Order) – Solid State Records Store Again "Laser Disk" Vinyl (Pre-Order) – Solid State Records Store Both limited to 250 copies each
  16. Deluxe Edition just announced. 4 variants with 500 copies each: The Devil Wears Prada – TDWPShop (tdwpband.com) Revolver Exclusive, limited to 300: https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/the-devil-wears-prada-color-decay-deluxe-2lp-limited-edition-only-300-made-neon-green-a-b-silver-c-d-vinyl?_kx=wWFgrxKIE3p7z1mkdI4ViJzvLwwcayfEUYcQPfdHNQlKy4u8Hf9YqN9DIeSJGAvw.T83NEY
  17. I kinda regret selling my OG, missed out on the repress, this set looks really nice. So I guess this works in my favor a bit.

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