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  1. Very nice collection! I need the- 1.) Loaded for bear demo tape 2.) G.R./Kill Your Idols splits (all three colors) 3.) For God And Country (clear blue) to complete my collection.
  2. I purchased them from top rated sellers with 100% feedback. I'm sure the majority of their buyers open them up to verify it's the actual variant. Do you believe after many years of being sealed, it can cause damage to the vinyl?
  3. I know I'm pretty late on this topic. Reading some of this is starting to worry me now. I have purchased some rare sealed vinyl many years ago from ebay, which I've spent $100's on each one. Extremely rare variants, and kept them sealed in storage to this day. Is the tight shrink wrap honestly going to stick to and damage the cover, and warp the record itself? They are all stored in cardboard mailers tightly against each other in moving boxes and plastic storage totes. Should I open them up ASAP??
  4. I payed a ridiculous amount for it eight years ago on ebay. Ballads From The Revolution as well. I monitor ebay often looking for some rare 7" splits to complete my GR collection. I never seen another OP after that. I hope you find one someday.
  5. I have vinyl from other bands framed as well, but in storage at the moment. As soon as I get a bigger place with more wall space, I will display them.
  6. This is just one of them. The Operation Phoenix (white vinyl) is super rare.
  7. I clicked on "image bar", typed my url off my pics, clicked post, and nothing. I still must be doing something wrong. I shouldn't have to upload them to fb first.
  8. I tried by clicking the little image bar, typed in my URL off my pics, clicked post, and nothing. I must still be doing something wrong.
  9. I am still new to this. If you tell me how to post pics on here. I will show a couple.
  10. So the first lp played perfectly fine before you shipped it Deep Blue? That sucks it arrived cracked to the buyer! If it played without problems, that is great to know.
  11. Thanks for your honest feedback and giving me a peace of mind!
  12. Mostly 90's Fat Wreck Chords first pressings colored vinyl. Very limited.
  13. I have the Good Riddance- Phenomenon Of Craving (blue vinyl). I never played it. The guy I purchased it from described it as- used/ like new condition. I have it on black, and thinking about parting with this one. I thought about selling it on ebay. What are you willing to offer?