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  1. Soooo gutted I'll be out of town when this tour is in NYC. Both albums are amazing, and I was lucky to see both bands play together right when they released their albums.
  2. Holy shit Im glad I came on here today. Was literally listening to Nintendo 89 last week. This is a no brainer for me.
  3. Rapidfiretollbooth

    Record Store Day 2018

    Fuuuuck just saw they're pressing Adam Sandler's They're All Going To Laugh At You.... This is gonna be a very nostalgic RSD.
  4. Rapidfiretollbooth

    [PO] Chrome Sparks - Chrome Sparks

    Hopefully this press isn't colored so the OG's retain some value. But I love the Sparks EP too much to ever sell it.
  5. Rapidfiretollbooth

    [PO] Chrome Sparks - Chrome Sparks

    NEVER!!! I still have no idea how I got one at a record fair for $10.
  6. HOLY FUCK! This is amzeballs!
  7. You can still get Red/White but you have to buy it in a bundle. Cheapest is $34 and it comes with a tee.
  8. Pre-order is up! In for the Red/White http://www.tinymovingparts.com/products/606952-swell
  9. Fuck Im excited for the new album. Such an underrated band.
  10. Rapidfiretollbooth

    RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    Fuck I thought I was gonna get out of it but theres a few things I def need to get: Murs - 3:16 The 9th Edition Cold War Kids - Los Feliz Blvd ATDI J Dilla Hoping I can snag these 4 albums online and avoid lines.
  11. Rapidfiretollbooth

    PO NOW: Queens of the Stone Age - Villains (8/25)

    Solid packaging, quick delivery. Cant wait to spin this when I get home from work later.
  12. Rapidfiretollbooth

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Had that shit in my cart with all my info filled out to get the stupid "Sorry, something went wrong window." And now it's sold out....
  13. Rapidfiretollbooth

    PO Now: Portugal the Man - Woodstock

    Was in Maine this past weekend and stopped at Bull Moose and grabbed this in store among other things. Place is dangerous to go the day after pay day...