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  1. Goddammit why did I wait and order from Kings Road US? Nothing in terms of any sort of shipping notice.
  2. >Being cynical >Scott Hull Pick one
  3. Fuck yes gimme that star, I definitely fuck with this
  4. Pretty sure this is an EP... Trent announced that he would do 3 EPs, Not the Actual Events, Add Violence, and so naturally this would seem like number three in the series. Whoever does their storefront probably just labeled it wrong, I've also seen people mistakenly call any sort of 12" record an LP, such as an EP or a single.
  5. LOL they still making comments about VC here and there
  6. Some poor fellow that works for VMP is in that thread now answering questions and they are being total savages to him. I kinda feel bad. I seriously can't imagine such a mass of people all feeling so entitled over a damn record.
  7. My desire to hear a NIN song called "Shit Mirror" is quite possibly stronger than anything I've ever felt in my life
  8. I'd buy one of the open copies that get returned to VMP if they'd sell it to me for half-off, or price match the Amazon price. Anyone else with me? Maybe we should all write them lengthy letters and see what happens.
  9. I see you too, buddy
  10. Imagine the caucasity it takes to actually sit down and compose a letter this long, while the entire gist of said letter is "IM LEABIN DIS GROUP WAHHH"