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  1. Edit: *** sold *** I ordered one copy of this but had two on my doorstep, and I don’t need the extra copy. If you want it, it’s yours for $20 shipped. Not sealed, signed by M. Gira. DM me if interested.
  2. I started this thread and never picked up either because I thought they'd get US distribution 🤦‍♂️
  3. Maybe try exploring labels as well, I've found some real hidden gems this way. There's lots of great lesser known releases that you may have missed from labels like 4AD, Subpop, and even the 90s pop punk labels. Some of those catalogs are yuge.
  4. I was pretty down a little while back and Shane from Napalm Death posted about the band Cardiacs. I checked them out and was blown away... their music can be manic and all over the place and also beautiful and uplifting. Often the songs are epic nine minute crescendos like the one below and those cheer me up the most. They are eclectic and definitely not for everyone but they certainly have made me happier since I discovered them. Sadly the frontman had a massive heart attack and stroke leaving a My Bloody Valentine concert In 2008 so they aren't making music anymore but they have a big discography and there's a lot to discover if you're into it.
  5. Fishbone - The Reality of My Surroundings $15.19 https://amzn.to/2BZZjCW pretty sure this is the green 45 rpm 2xLP even though it says 33 rpm
  6. Goddammit why did I wait and order from Kings Road US? Nothing in terms of any sort of shipping notice.
  7. Pretty sure this is an EP... Trent announced that he would do 3 EPs, Not the Actual Events, Add Violence, and so naturally this would seem like number three in the series. Whoever does their storefront probably just labeled it wrong, I've also seen people mistakenly call any sort of 12" record an LP, such as an EP or a single.
  8. LOL they still making comments about VC here and there