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  1. Doing my yearly check-in. Right now it's Oxygen Not Included, mainly. Been trying to get into RimWorld a bit more, but it's just not clicking for me. A bit of Cities: Skylines here and there but not too much. A bit of Dirt Rally 2.0; a bit of Factorio. Funny enough, I'd rather play Dwarf Fortress more than most of these games. That game is crazy addicting to me. Gave Noita a shot this past week, but didn't like it. Had been eyeing it for quite some time. That's about it for now.
  2. Made the switch to PC about two months back. Have been on Overwatch on and off. Just purchased Rainbow Six: Siege and the movement feels good but odd. Will take me a bit to get used to. I had mentioned my distaste for The Last of Us quite a while back, but I kept giving it shots and ended up really enjoying the game once I sat down and finished the damn thing. Looking forward to the second installment. Almost done with Horizon: Zero Dawn. Another three hours, give or take. Currently hoping Rust goes on sale for the Steam Summer Sale. Keep trying to give Miscreated a try, but it feels a bit slow for me.
  3. Haven't been the biggest listener of Glassjaw, but Worship is a great album. Excited for this release.
  4. Been reading more recently. Friend told me about The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur. To Kill a Mockingbird is sitting here as well. That's next since I haven't read it.
  5. I've always preferred browsing lists on DeadFormat. Having to sift through multiple webpages in someone's collection on Discogs was an annoyance and still is. DeadFormat was simple and neat. Bummer.
  6. Wanted to pull the trigger, but just didn't have the funds for that purchase. Pretty bummed, but oh well.
  7. You have a dot because it's K DOT. Fucking bandwagoners.
  8. Purchased both. Waiting to see what happens with the purple.

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