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    my family, my girl, biochem, songwriting, performing, and buying vinyl with every cent I earn
  1. Son of a BITCH. why was an earlier announcement not made? As a college student I can't google my favorite albums everyday checking to make sure if they come out in the next two days. Fuck me. sigh... I guess I'll have to see what I can snag from HT, but I would've loved clear
  2. Thank you so much Craig! I was not expecting this at all! I'll support your cause and make use of jotorobos post ;P again, I'm really sorry for your loss mate, but just know you made an impact in the world by taking a flame and making something good out of it when you didn't have to. You took criticism for something that isn't even morally wrong and you decided to make a change, even if it was in our little VC community, you the real MVP mate.
  3. deep in the dirty southwest >))) Favorite dessert... I love the sting of the carbonation hitting the back of my throat, the bitter taste perfectly complimented by a bag of pretzels. super lame, my writing skills are generally much better.... I haven't slept in three days from studying for finals... I will wake up tomorrow and write a much better one... night ;D
  4. your link isn't working for me mate :/
  5. ...I thought this was the USA, where there are standards when speaking and writing in the english language. I'm just playin
  6. LMFAO the moment I saw the title i thought the same thing... redundant but sure as hell gets the point across!
  7. how the hell did you get that leveler test press that is disgustingly beautiful
  8. agreed! hahaha "buy the people who work the hotline a pizza" I feel so much better about the money I'll be giving to them. I can only imagine an office full of people on the phone helping people out while one is ordering pizza... *Coworker on phone with pizza guy shouting to coworker*: "Tom what'd you want on your pizza!" *Tom talking down a victim of online bullying*: "hey man look its going to be alright you have so much more to live fo-... wait gimme a sec, PEPPERONI AND ANCHOVIES HOMIE... But really though you have so much to live for... yknow what? how about you come over, and we talk this over a few slices of pizza" This is why I need adderall to get shit done. I see a fly buzzing around and I go from studying biochem to writing up an entire fucking screenplay about a day in the life of a fly... God help us all.
  9. This is about the best way I've ever seen someone respond to being chastised... VC can be a pack of angry wolves sometimes, whether its because we lost a bid on ebay or some crazy ex broke into our apartment and specifically burned our vinyl collection in the tub out of spite (yes please don't ask) but we all mean well, we know what its like to get jipped, flipped, and ripped. GOOD ON YOU for being such a humble kind person, I wish there were more understanding people in the world. Honestly you don't have to do ANYTHING to "make up" for your mistake, you already owned up to it!... But I can't help it the offer is too enticing! option 3 or 4 pleeeeaaaase! SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER! EVER NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER. I am extremely sorry for your loss mate, its sad every time I hear someone takes their own life. Honestly Ive told friends a few time "at least fucking enjoy life, take out a huge loan and travel the world first! just get aways from this life you know if you hate it so much." we also have to constantly remind our family and friends that we do love them and care for them. theres no reason someone should take their own life. and again, I'm really sorry for your loss.
  10. agreed mate! messengers and constellations are freakin gems!!! I can't find em anywhere. oh and by the way if you didn't know Solid State is having a second pressing pre-order of messengers don't miss it! http://solidstate.merchline.com/products/august-burns-red-messangers-vinyl hope you find everything you're looking for mate!