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  1. High On Fire cancelled their show here in Richmond on Saturday. Second one they've cancelled here in 3 months. Keep your toes clean, kids.
  2. Yeah, I saw them last month and the merch table was definitely expensive. Also passed on the tour edition due to the price, but they go for twice that on discogs so who knows. Killer show though!
  3. Also watched New Year's Evil for the holiday, thought it was kinda fun. Very few kills as I recall though. The main killer guy is really swinging for the fences with his role. Agreed, not too memorable, but I am a sucker for any depiction of punks or metalheads in any 80s horror flick, so those parts were pretty cool.
  4. Nice list jonrawks, I think I'm going to go ahead and finish up the Silent Night, Deadly Night series just to be a completionist. Did a little research and there are good amount of holiday movies left, but I'm pretty sure I've watched any that have any hope of being good. Except for Sint, which looks good but I can't find it anywhere online. Rare Exports - Put this one off for a while because I'm too lazy to read subtitles, but finally did it. Really fun, I loved the look of the monsters, and the main kid is great. Could've used more scares for sure, but well done.
  5. More Christmas flicks: Gremlins - Classic, you know what happens. The creature effects are still rad. The Children - Better than I thought it'd be. Don't watch if you're a fan of kids not being killed violently. Christmas Evil (aka You Better Watch Out) - I remember watching this one in high school when I was first getting into bad horror movies, but couldn't remember which one it was. It's still pretty fun. Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 - The first 40 minutes of this movie are actual footage flashbacks of the first one. It's like a clip show. Then his brother kills people. Expectations of diminishing returns for the series are so far correct.
  6. Christmas horror movies thus far: Black Christmas - I get why so many cite this as the original slasher. Pretty enjoyable, but I wanted more Christmas-themed kills. No interest in finding the early 2000's remake. Silent Night, Deadly Night - Way more fun, with those themed kills I wanted. Man, I feel like the killer was totally justified in going crazy. Everyone just kept kicking him in the PTSD balls. I'll bet the many sequels get real bad but maybe real fun. Better Watch Out - This was way different than the home invasion movie I thought it was going to be. Felt a little genuinely disturbed at the premise once it was rolling. Enjoyable, with a satisfying ending. ON MY LIST: Rare Exports The Children All the Creatures Were Stirring Silent Night, Bloody Night
  7. I thought Mandy was really fun. I love me a crazy Nic Cage. I'll have to track down Blood Fest. Anyone going to Splatterflix in Durham next month? I went last year and it was pretty damn fun. This year they're doing a bunch of 3D movies, which I'm pretty stoked about. http://www.carolinatheatre.org/films/festivals/splatterflix Also trying to decide the theme to my October watch list. Last year I did Stephen King movies. This year I'm think I'm going to do movies from the 70s, as I tend to stick to mainly 80s movies and need to catch up on some essentials I've missed.
  8. Ordered the new Acid Witch and Slasher Dave albums. Should make for a fun Halloween!
  9. Backed! Very Spike Jonze/Michel Gondry, but it knows it. I'm excited to see what Boots does next.
  10. Windhand posted about a new album in early October, and big tour with Satan's Satyrs in support. Very good news for Autumn!
  11. Humbly requesting a wizard text blast when new Windhand goes up, whenever that is between now and October
  12. Walked out of Hereditary as happy customer. Maybe not as happy as anticipated, but still a beautiful movie. Toni Collette was fantastic and heartbreaking, as was the rest of the cast. I love that actress the Leftovers too. I don't know how I feel about the ending, but overall the movie is gorgeous, well made, and soaked in dread, which is my favorite kind of horror movie. Very excited to see what comes next from the director. Also, that house is everything I want in life. If I'm ever in a position to hire an architect for a build, I'm showing them that movie.