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  1. aflycon


    How is he on Kess' side? Kess (tied with elasalle) is/was the worst member of this board and pretty much the prime example of everything Satan is talking about.
  2. aflycon

    The Walking Dead

    I don't think that'd be beyond the writers either. I think I'd like that, actually.
  3. aflycon


    O shit Everybody strap on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride
  4. aflycon

    Advice getting around LA?

    Fucking insane. It was great. Bouncing Souls and the Vandals had a little trouble with mic levels but other than that there were very few hiccups. As expected, Descendents and NOFX blew me away. I'm sunburnt as hell, too.
  5. aflycon

    Advice getting around LA?

    It is. I used Uber to and from San Manuel but Lyft for my shorter trips because I had all those $10 credits. Lyft saved me from missing my train back to Union Station and from having to walk a mile and a half through a particularly weird part of Little Tokyo.
  6. aflycon

    Advice getting around LA?

    Waiting to board my flight now. Thanks guys for all your help! Anybody else going to be at It's Not Dead?
  7. aflycon

    Advice getting around LA?

    Just looked at their website and I'll definitely be considering this as well. Super Shuttle may be the best way to get back to LAX on Sunday.
  8. aflycon

    Advice getting around LA?

    Good point, it would make sense for Uber to restrict LAX to their more expensive services. I hadn't thought of that. Still though, UberX is going to cost me at least $40 (and that's if the discount works) which is twice as much as the train -> bus route and would probably take about the same time.
  9. aflycon

    Advice getting around LA?

    Yeah, I installed Lyft the other night and I've got 10 free rides up to $10, which is probably only a couple of blocks but I'm sure I'll put those to use during the weekend. Maybe I can have ten different drivers take me to Long Beach for free. I don't think there's any way for me to know in advance what the price will be for Uber vs. Lyft so I'll probably just be comparing once I'm on the ground. All that being said, it looks like the FlyAway -> Union Station -> San Bernandino is my cheapest option at $16. Thanks for the tip, CVHX!
  10. aflycon

    Advice getting around LA?

    Looking at Zipcar, it probably would be cheaper. Unfortunately I'm only 18.
  11. aflycon

    Advice getting around LA?

    Thanks, I'll look into that for sure!