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  1. Nah your time is yours to spend how you want. I'm just poking some lighthearted fun at you guys since I'm completely clueless to your inside jokes / bickering / whatever that was on the previous page.
  2. How can you possibly not know how many posts you have. It's right fucking there below your name. You don't have to lie to me to prove your point bro, we all know you're proud of your post count.
  3. Whatever helps you justify the *hours* of your life you spend on this site guys.
  4. as an unbiased lurker who just comes here to learn about vinyl releases and avoids the drama, you all a bunch of clowns ^
  5. Amazon spain still has LiT up for sale with 1-3 month shipping time. They keep adjusting the price too, so I'm hopeful they will actually get stock at some point. https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B07PHLFGH7?ie=UTF8&tag=mudefi-21&linkCode=as2&camp=1638&creative=6742&creativeASIN=B07PHLFGH7
  6. ^ those 4 copies sold out pretty much immediately. Thankfully I've had page monitor set up on that page for the last month so I was able to snag one
  7. that's all cool and all, but... to be clear, nobody has an actual source for Lost in Translation getting a wider release coming up, right? I'd love to stop searching for a copy and wait for that release if it were coming.
  8. Are you guys speculating or is there actual confirmation that another LiT pressing is coming?
  9. Amazon Spain still has LiT up, also with 1-3 month shipping. I got my order in at 28 Euro but it's since jumped to 50 Euro, I'm hoping this is a good sign that it is actually going to ship eventually. https://www.amazon.es/Lost-Translation-Rsd-2019-Vinilo/dp/B07PHLFGH7/
  10. There's a copy of Lost in Translation for $70 shipped up on discogs in case anyone wants it, (seems like the cheapest of the reseller prices I've seen). I'm holding out for cheaper prices once those delayed orders mentioned above get sent out... hopefully. Edit: aaaand its gone
  11. Merchbar has the album backlisted but confirmed they still expected it to fill when I messaged them yesterday. https://www.merchbar.com/dance-electronic-edm/john-frusciante/john-frusciante-empyrean-vinyl-record
  12. Excited this finally gets a pressing, even if it's being bundled with a remix just to squeeze a bit more cash out of us. That said, I see absolutely no reason to pre order as there's nothing limited about this release, and will likely be up in their shop for the foreseeable future just like every other record they've released in the last ~4 years.
  13. Damn has it really been almost 4 years since Like Clockwork?? The one good thing about time flying is new albums come around quicker I guess..

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