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  1. OUT NOW: AUSENCIA "Cuantas Vidas" 7" (MMM-025) This is the second EP from L.A.’s AUSENCIA and they follow up their first EP with more great melodic Spanish-language punk. This record has a wide sonic range from classic punk like ESKORBUTO or even 80s Oi! The track “Mi Corazon Lloro” will transport you to the archetypical power pop sound. The unfiying thread, however, remains the tight melodies and rhythm that has defined AUSENCIA's sound. PRISION POSTUMO s/t 7" (MMM-024) Stripped-down and catchy raw punk from Southern California. Prision Postumo border on a sound reminiscent to early 80s Iberian Peninsula punk bands like MCD or VOMITO. With current and former members of Tozcos and Damages, you know this is top notch punk rock. Pop this on your turntable and you'll be pogoing around your room singing along in no time. AUSENCIA s/t 7" (Limited repress of 200) http://discosmmm.com Still Available: LOS MONJO "La Vida" LP LA URSS "Maravillas" LP FINAL tape (Bogota, Colombia) Reckless 7" Distro full of Lifes Blood, Dischange, Druj, Cold Leather, Lupus, Sadist, Primer Regimen, Dog Soldier, Korrosive, Dye, Mokosos, End All, Y Que, Syndicate, XMII, Fallas Del Sistema, Anti-Sex, Mommy, Sudor, Drapetomania, Truncheons, Asta Kask, Talk Is Poison, Los Jacks, SKizophrenia, Suicidas, Orden Mundial, Crazy Spirit, War Goes On, Destruye Y Huye, Beton Combo, Napalm, Grimple, etc
  2. We're having a special offer (2 bux off) if you order BOTH the new LOS MONJO and DECRANEO LPs here: http://discosmmm.storenvy.com/collections/198759-all-products/products/5076728-los-monjo-decraneo-lps-2-lps. ------------------------- (MMM-06: Los Monjo "La Vida Que Todos Envidian" LP) Los Monjo are here to take over the world with their signature brand of raw power. From the Oblatos hood of Guadalajara to the alleyways of Barcelona, Los Monjo are known for their explosive live shows and classic sound. Frontman Tucho Monjo's vitriol and swagger harkens back to the days of true performers like Iggy Pop. Lyrics are penned from the school of Eskorbuto, RIP, and MCD, sincere yet venomous. Peter Monjo's guitar licks ignite, propelled by Rene and Cesar Monjo's rolling backbeat. After three 7"s and two splits, Los Monjo deliver their debut full length, a masterful LP, effortlessly executed. These are anthems for generations to come. La mejor banda de Rock Basura del mundo! First 65 mail orders on clear vinyl/Los primeros 65 pedidos en vinilo transparente!!! Folks in Europe, contact Trabuc Records. Listen: http://discosmmm.bandcamp.com/album/los-monjo-la-vida-que-todos-envidian-lp Order: http://discosmmm.storenvy.com/collections/198759-all-products/products/4796215-los-monjo-la-vida-que-todos-envidian-lp ------------------------- (MMM-08: Decraneo LP) Debut LP from Mallorca, Spain punks Decraneo that drips with classic influences such as THE BAGS and ULTIMO RESORTE yet still holds its own among fellow contemporaries LA URSS and LAS OTRAS. Excellent vocals, guitar work and delivery. Punk is alive and unwell in 2014. This is a collaboration between eight labels (two from USA, three from Mallorca, Spain, two from France, and one from Germany) with only 50 copies available from Discos MMM. 327 total pressed worldwide. Listen: http://discosmmm.bandcamp.com/album/decraneo-lp Order: http://discosmmm.storenvy.com/collections/198759-all-products/products/5074733-decraneo-lp --- Still available: (MMM-07) Ruleta Rusa "Aqui No Es" +2 cassette Listen: http://discosmmm.bandcamp.com/album/ruleta-rusa-aqui-no-es-cassette Order: http://discosmmm.storenvy.com/collections/198759-all-products/products/3312282-ruleta-rusa-aqui-no-es-cassette-2-bonus-songs ------------------------- Both the GENERACION SUICIDA/CATHOLIC SPIT split 7" and PROXY "Police Car" 7" are Sold Out and being repressed. In the meantime, they can both be downloaded (name your price - set to "0" for free download at: http://discosmmm.bandcamp.com/) As always the distro is getting new stuff in all the time from the likes of Savageheads, Generacion Suicida, Damages, Reckless, Grima, The New Flesh, Sacrilege, Criaturas, Long Knife, Kromsom, Peligro Social, Impalers, Camera Silens, Asile, Koszmar, Rough Kids, Modern Pets, Zack Zack, Observers, ANS, UX Vileheads, Rapid Loss, No Problem, Manipulation, Double Negative, Alarms, Alert! Alert!, Nueva Autoridad Democratica, Pesadilla Distopika, Vaaska, Mercy Killings, Abject Pax, Condition, Life Form, Lost Tribe, Riistetyt, Kaaos, Amdi Petersens Arme, Moderat Likvidation, Discharge, Putas Mierdas, Forward, Violent Change, and a bunch more!! http://discosmmm.storenvy.com/ http://www.discosmmm.com https://www.facebook.com/DiscosMMM