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  1. I totally forgot that I had things to do this morning for a wedding so I cannot get out at all for this. If you are in anyway able to grab the other copy for me I will compensate you for your time and effort. I'm just up north so I could drive down and grab it so you wouldn't have to ship it!
  2. *sigh* Reeealllllyyyy didn't want to have to deal with RSD. Was just hoping to order this red/white and be done with it. Though, I hate white vinyl so I guess I hope the tour press is interesting.
  4. *sigh* I hate the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. Really wish they stayed with House of Blues.
  5. Just saw these guys last night. So good live. They should be much more popular than they are. Can't wait for the new album.
  6. danionly

    Game of Thrones Season 6! (No Spoilers)

    Me through the whole episode:
  7. Ordered. Haven't even listened to the song yet. So excited! In the past I've messaged the band about pressing Lift Your Existence but no reply. Hopefully if this sells well maybe they'll consider it.
  8. danionly

    Game of Thrones Season 6! (No Spoilers)

    Well, that was a goddamn kick in the balls.
  9. Check out Say Anything's new album. I'd take a shitty photoshopped image over looking at that any day.
  10. danionly

    *** PLEASE READ: About the new VC*****

    It looks like you can change the setting for each topic individually, but it's either: get email notification or get no notifications. How about just give me a notification on the website, and no emails ever. Also, there is no way I'm going through each thread I follow to change that setting one by one.
  11. danionly

    *** PLEASE READ: About the new VC*****

    I used to never get email notifications. I had all my 'followed' content set to no email notifications. Now my email is getting blown up, and it seems to be because of this one setting that I'm not allowed to change:
  12. danionly

    Worst moments in music

    I've never met anyone who actually likes that song.