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  1. After seeing what Animal looked liked on Discogs, I 100% got the SRC version when I ordered from the band. I mean they sound wonderful but still.
  2. My bundle came in over the and it has the SRC label on them, I opened them and confirmed they are a sold blue/pink. I could have swore that when I placed the order it said clear/smoked, not it says when sold out they will be pink or blue. With the $99 for the bundle it would have been cheaper to go thru SRC.
  3. It's part of the"Hobby" bro, shit maybe mine is worth $$$ since it really doesn't exist.
  4. I understand the make more for damaged copy situation but most of the time those copies are unnumbered. Hard to believe you would advertise a limited version and not reset the stamper but you never know. I sent them an email, I'll let you know what they say.
  5. Curious to how this is limited to 800 copies when my is numbered 804???????????
  6. How about a someone start a thread for register to vote get $20 off coupon?
  7. Got the CD last time too and the listing was exactly the same as it is now.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B071DXVKJC/ref=tmm_vnl_new_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=new&qid=&sr= Neil Young - Decade - 3Lp set - $20 great deal for 3 lp set
  9. Just picked up my deluxe from my local shop, it's a double dark red lp set cut at 45rpm, jacket is a gatefold, there are some clear/color inserts that cover his face but don't really amount to much. Booklet includes lyrics and some more clear/color pages really lame for the $50+ tag I think I'll be picking up a $20 copy.
  10. Full album is streaming on NPR, pretty dang good imo.
  11. Why would anyone think fans want a signed door hanger?