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  1. It is up on Red Eye Records as well. Have not looked around too much but given these 2 UK/EU shops are stocking it others over there may be too,
  2. Fuck black vinyl with splatter patterns. It never comes out looking that great....hopefully I’m wrong.
  3. Yeah this is more interesting then half the stuff that they do each month but I am a comp and world music fan especially reissues done well.
  4. Title says it all. Looking for a copy of Turnover's Peripheral Vision on Black Vinyl. Copy must be in VG++/VG++ condition and seller is willing to ship to Canada. Please PM with offers.
  5. Yeah will keep my eye out on Amazon, EBay, etc, was just wondering if there was another shop or something was all. Looking to pick up there last album as well. Also cool to see someone else on here from NB!
  6. Anyone know the cheapest "shipped" option to Canada for any vinyl copy (don't care about the colour).
  7. Pretty weird they are really doing nothing special for this release especially on the pressing side of things. I have no reason that this will sound any better then the two previous releases (both are pressed terribly).
  8. It's likely a 10 year anniversary release so if they do it right (2 LP, remastered, liner notes, gatefold, etc) it could be good. Agreed the OG press of this and Aligator sound thin and flat.
  9. Awesome! And regarding the Hoffman side of things, it is the polar opposite of here for Peppers meaning there are multiple (I mean double digits) threads on this release all with different specific topics. And the main topic has multiple threads as well with the first thread being 905 pages of replies! http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/sgt-peppers-50th-anniversary-editions-to-be-released-may-26-2017-anticipation-thread.654994/
  10. Hey Marc, welcome! Love Maine (especially Portland - likely my favorite city in the world). A bit of advice. For anything pertaining to sound quality especially releases from the 90s and older, the Steve Hoffman forums is the best reference anywhere on the internet. I would say for classic rock/pop discussion there is likely no better place to go. Also I would argue a large group of the people at the Hoffman forums are true audiophiles in the true sense of the term (likely due to the demographics having the experience in this area and budget to afford more expensive equipment). The VC forums (not to be confused with the VC Facebook/YouTube community which is something entirely different) is "generally" focused on releases from the 90s to current day, especially those in specific genres like indie, punk, emo, ambient, shoe gaze, etc, etc. Also colour and limited pressings appeal more here then over there.
  11. Finally got my Arthur Verocai this morning from Picidilly Records. Damn this thing was hard to find but I can say I am finally done.
  12. Anyone see a copy anywhere for the Arthur Verocai album? Its a 70s brazilian record that had a special audiophile reissue released on RSD (only, 1,000 available). Have not seen it show up on any of the stockists selling remaining stock and it is going for $50 CAD + shipping (all outside of Canada) so it is pricey.