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  1. ludakrishayes

    PO: Alkaline Trio - Past Live albums

    Thanks for the heads up. I figured these would find their way to digital. Hoping the Blu Ray will be available for purchase digitally as well on the regular outlets. And kinda glad I skipped on the vinyl. Yikes!
  2. Compared to the original press, red vinyl on Atlantic, this remaster sounds significantly better to me. Not as midrange focused. Better instrument separation. More bounce to the low mids. Much softer top end, the 90's master sounds shrill in comparison (as many 90's records suffered from!). I think the real missed opportunity here though, was to do a 2xLP remaster and include all 4 b-sides on side D. That would've been really special.
  3. How’s it sound!? Wish these were on the LP!!
  4. ludakrishayes

    PO: Alkaline Trio - Past Live albums

    Did they ever end up going back to free shipping? On the fence about grabbing a couple.
  5. A bit of conflicting information, but looks like there’s a gray indie variant as well: https://www.srcvinyl.com/bad-religion-stranger-than-fiction-remastered-lp.html?utm_source=srcvinyl+Online+Store&utm_campaign=3e9a0b05f5-USA_Pre_Order_For_Less7_13_2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c8fadc889f-3e9a0b05f5-46680741&mc_cid=3e9a0b05f5&mc_eid=1bee944a13
  6. So I actually ended up selling the Speed Box separately locally. Going to update the listing and price now. Sorry about that!
  7. ludakrishayes

    PO: Alkaline Trio - Past Live albums

    Aw man. That sucks. Was it just a promotional thing they were doing for a limited time? Thought the free shipping was part of the whole preorder business on these.
  8. Totally! How awesome would that be? Hoping there’s at least an indie store variant, but you never know with Kings Road.
  9. https://www.kingsroadmerch.com/bad-religion/ Clear variant available, in addition to regular black and bundles with a shirt or hoodie. Have been saying for years this needed a remaster in the worst way. Was really really hoping for a deluxe 2LP with the b-sides, feel like that really would’ve been awesome to have all 19 songs from this session.
  10. ludakrishayes

    PO: Alkaline Trio - Past Live albums

    Completely agree. They matured nicely, became a great band. I'm one of the extremely small minority that loves My Shame. Great to have them work at the Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson.
  11. Thanks! Just trying to move it along to someone who will enjoy. Not doing any good sitting on my shelf! The green does look awesome.
  12. For sale is a green Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable with a couple extras: - Herbie's Audio Lab Way Excellent II mat (huge sonic improvement over the standard felt mats that come with these) - BBE Phono Preamp w/ power supply The turntable itself is in excellent shape. A few light scratches on the dust cover, but otherwise looking great. The Ortofon 2M Red cartridge does have some hours on it, and is likely due for a replacement stylus sometime in the near future. $300, am looking to keep this to a local sale. I live in Brooklyn. Turntables aren't so fun to ship. *Please note the Speed Box S pictured below has sold, and is not available/included with the turntable*
  13. ludakrishayes

    PO: Alkaline Trio - Past Live albums

    Totally. I'm thinking of grabbing the Blu Rays, and just a couple of my favorites. I prefer the later catalog as well! Also, that was my 69th post. Just wanted to point that out.
  14. ludakrishayes

    PO: Alkaline Trio - Past Live albums

    Kings Road has gottten very quiet about pressing numbers lately. Wonder if this'll be one of those types of things where the number of preorders dictates the number pressed.
  15. ludakrishayes

    PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Also, wow. Spinning III for the first time. Sounds spectacular on vinyl. So much better than the digital master. Really nice job on this one.