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  1. I am also looking for head on pill, tried my go to Juno and it was gone in seconds. If anyone can help a fella out I would be very grateful
  2. Still got weird exits and odd entrances?
  3. Hahah I can turn it back on. What are you after ?
  4. I used Web Alert on android, costs 1.99 to do it every minute.
  5. Lol. I had a page tracker running since release day on their page refreshing every minute. Killed my phone battery but honestly I have loved this band since Levitation 2014 and have yet to miss an album launch
  6. I managed to snag a copper nitrate, 2 remaining in stock. And they're gone.
  7. I literally had 3 times set, toddler threw a tantrum. Picked him up, refreshed at one minute after, grabbed one, checked out, boom empty cart
  8. I missed out on the Copper Nitrate I sure hope someone on here bought two and will sell me one :).
  9. Looks like Infest the Rats Nest is going up today, 3 variants of 2000 each.
  10. I liked their first album, thought Volcano was not as good, this sounds great and the US pressing looks amazing, however I have learned to not expect ATO pressing to look anything like the mock-up
  11. There is one guy on eBay that posts massive stacks of the albums he's flipping, on one I saw he had 10 available and his picture showed all of them proudly displayed in his bedroom with 1980s baseboards and banged up / stained drywall.. i am glad they made this 1 per person, allows more non-flippers to get in on it.
  12. Anyone want to make a couple bucks and flip one of these to me? I was one of the many people unlucky enough to try twice to get them. I maintain the turntable lab is complete garbage but still would really like this pressing
  13. Because they allow 2 per person, allows for all of the nice guys on ebay to grab multiples to flip.
  14. Turntable lab is garbage, I sat here for the last 30 minutes hitting refresh, with onetouch payment set up.... sold out in less than 10 seconds..