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  1. I saw this. Too bad they didn't replicate original oddments package.
  2. Wow. Bundle is sold out already. I managed to snag one.
  3. No Canadian shipping.....
  4. Hard to say, I mean they also have the 7500 number kicking around as well... very curious.. ATO also used the word "Assisting" so I don't know if perhaps they will simply be a proxy distribute for the flightless releases? who knows, guy on facebook said his local shop had information in regard to ATO reissues, I have my ship check and nothing comes up yet.
  5. No matter where you are it's in an hour and 4 minutes from now... I think these will go surprisingly quick.
  6. I presume they will be around at least a few days.
  7. Do we know if they previous ATO Releases were done at the same time as the Flightless presses? I am debating what to order today :)
  8. That's a really hard call..... I mean there are all quite different.. Float Along Fill Your Lungs is probably the one that is an absolute must.. Eyes Like the Sky is a really, really unique album, it's when I got into the band. 12 Bar is very good, quite psychedelic, oddments is kind of like Gumboot, all songs that didn't really fit on the other albums, has the best artwork by far though.
  9. So it looks like most people are unhappy with the new redesign for Eyes Like the Sky, the original was amazing artwork. I like the new one as well though! It looks like Float Along and Oddments have not been changed at all, or if they have it's a minor change, I think the best, most exciting thing they could add is adding Anglesea to Willoughby's Beach, which I am sure they could as it is now a 12", I doubt they will though :(.
  10. I believe the idea is to distribute in worldwide, so we would actually see releases in North America and Europe on the shelves of our local stores, it is certainly a tough pill to swallow when a new album is $70.00 AUS shipped. However it makes me wonder, even with a distribution network, will they be extremely pricey at local stores as well? if that is the case ill just buy the more limited version direct from flightless thank you very much
  11. It definitely had FLT-041 in the pictures, those I presume were generated for them by Pirates Press, so perhaps they put the wrong catalog number on the mock-up? Because ORB does make a lot more send as the FLT-041 and the number seems to add up with FLT-042 being Baked Beans.. I am still a little confused by FLT-036, I am unsure why they originally passed it over and then decided to use it, perhaps it will be Amyl
  12. Wow. 3 colors. Ordered the silver before the others popped up. Errrr... The red looks best. Oh well..
  13. https://orband.bandcamp.com/album/the-space-between New ORB is up for listen, sounds great in my opinion.
  14. Updated the main thread with the re-worked cover art we have now seen for 12 Bar and WB, let me know if any of the new artwork pops up anywhere else, still interested in where the smaller editions will be landing.
  15. I bet the more limited ones will be at gizzfest.... Damnnnn