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  1. GazHilarant

    Slowdive - Pygmalion MOV reissue?

    Ordered without hesitation, I don't own the original or the reissue coincidentally the only slowdive album I don't have any copy of, looks like a good one to pick up!. Thanks for the share.
  2. No new pressings showing on Pirates Press, however Murlocs are back, new album soon to be announced.
  3. Bundle is back up with slipmat
  4. What!?!? No slip......????
  5. GazHilarant

    PO: Brian Eno Reissues

    If it were an independent retailer I would agree, however musicvaultz.ca is the Canadian storefront for Universal Music Group, they also have the complete album artwork with the Abbey Road OBI, which they have partnered with to bring into Canada on some of the original Abbey Road remasters, so all signs point to legitimate release, which has me very excited!
  6. I assume they pressed the initial 2000, the additional repress of 7500 is likely the same as these, I presume the newest press of 3500? Is going to be flightless website exclusive 2nd press.
  7. And it's all gone.. I wonder when they are going to dump the new 3500 up for pre-order.. These guys are making money this year that's for sure.
  8. I saw this. Too bad they didn't replicate original oddments package.
  9. Wow. Bundle is sold out already. I managed to snag one.
  10. No Canadian shipping.....
  11. Hard to say, I mean they also have the 7500 number kicking around as well... very curious.. ATO also used the word "Assisting" so I don't know if perhaps they will simply be a proxy distribute for the flightless releases? who knows, guy on facebook said his local shop had information in regard to ATO reissues, I have my ship check and nothing comes up yet.
  12. No matter where you are it's in an hour and 4 minutes from now... I think these will go surprisingly quick.
  13. I presume they will be around at least a few days.
  14. Do we know if they previous ATO Releases were done at the same time as the Flightless presses? I am debating what to order today :)