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  1. I just saw this, does not look exclusive, same as on the other sites isn't it? Tip on jacket, so it will match Ladies and Gentlemen, which is amazing.
  2. I wonder if Ryan is going to sing about his hardships on this album, I can't see myself buying it.
  3. Woooow, thanks really appreciated! Ill make it worth your while, I want a membership but having 2 super young kids draining my bank account is causing me to miss our on many of the vinyl releases I want, lol. Wait until they get older and want electronics
  4. Someone grab me one of each of the reissue exclusives :). I will pay shipping and something extra for your trouble
  5. To be honest I have never had any luck with it, back when it was HMV I got Beck - Sea Change from MOFI on pink vinyl for 9.99, they had like 4 of them lol.
  6. Same pressing as the previous one, just different color. The previous one was actually clear with dark purple / black smoke through it. I didn't think it looked very good so I passed. I picked this pressing up at Sunrise (overpriced record shop) in Canada as it's exclusive to them. Sound considerably better than the Plain Pressing I previously had.
  7. In all fairness, you also can't order Black or CD from that site at the moment, odd.
  8. There, fixed it, looks like VMP may be the most limited haha.
  9. Got the clay, so happy, I have been having terrible luck lately.
  10. Lol. Get to checkout at plaidroom, no shipping to Canada. This RSD blows nuts. Tons of copies of Kinks on eBay for 3 times the price I guess.
  11. Has anyone seen any available Kinks Kronikles? I tried to get it online locally but due to an odd thing with the express checkout bought it 3 times and didn't get a single copy..

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