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  1. This may sound really dumb. But I would like to get the Japanese rolling stones high tides and green grass. Anyone know of any good Japanese places for rsd online to North America ?
  2. Really looking for charlatans some friendly. Anyone got any leads on it? Missed out on plaid
  3. And she's gone, glad I saw your post. I think I got the last one.
  4. Why can't Morrissey just reissue more of his older material.
  5. Seems unlikely, as they didn't do an EU Gumboot, however there will likely be some EU Distribution, Juno shows Young Blindness and Old Locomotive coming soon at £18.13
  6. I grabbed the "Manic" edition, interestingly though there is a smaller pressing on version 3, which is not yet shown anywhere. IN PRODUCTIONLP in gatefold/FLT-046/VERSION3James (EU)FLT-046/VERSION32/24/19Awaiting PDF Proof Approval (0) Awaiting Test Pressing Approval (0) 1000
  7. Wow, surprised there is no Pink Floyd release, that's disappointing because the Mono Piper at the Gates of Dawn was a great release. Ill need to get the Lou Reed Ecstasy, I bet that will be pricey.
  8. The splatter looks amazing, going to have to grab that quick as I am sure it will sell fast.
  9. Yeah. Id like to buy one. However if I order, with Canada's low dollar it with honestly be a 65 dollar single LP.
  10. Sold out? Also... 24.50 for standard shipping to Canada 49.00 for 6-10 day? As if.
  11. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Cyboogie (Official Video) - Definitely heavy on synth, great video. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Acarine - I like this one a lot, lots of bluesy harmonica, similar synth tone, I am very excited for the full LP now.