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  1. GazHilarant

    New Pre-Orders up at Castle Face

    Yeah. Id like to buy one. However if I order, with Canada's low dollar it with honestly be a 65 dollar single LP.
  2. GazHilarant

    New Pre-Orders up at Castle Face

    Sold out? Also... 24.50 for standard shipping to Canada 49.00 for 6-10 day? As if.
  3. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Cyboogie (Official Video) - Definitely heavy on synth, great video. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Acarine - I like this one a lot, lots of bluesy harmonica, similar synth tone, I am very excited for the full LP now.
  4. Release Thursday at 12:01 am, 7 inch at flightless hq. Anyone in here in Australia? I'll pay for your gas.
  5. I am also missing loopholes. It's in fact the only flightless LP I am missing.
  6. IN PRODUCTION Record 12"/FLT-020R James (EU) FLT-020R 2/1/19 POF stickers 2000 IN PRODUCTION Record 12"/FLT-034R James (EU) FLT-034R 2/2/19 POF stickers 3000 IN PRODUCTION LP samples/FLT-046 James (EU) FLT-046 1/28/19 5 IN PRODUCTION LP in gatefold/FLT-046/VERSION1 James (EU) FLT-046/VERSION1 2/24/19 Awaiting Test Pressing Approval (0) Awaiting PDF Proof Approval (0) 2000 IN PRODUCTION LP in gatefold/FLT-046/VERSION2 James (EU) FLT-046/VERSION2 2/24/19 Awaiting Test Pressing Approval (0) Awaiting PDF Proof Approval (0) 2000 IN PRODUCTION LP in gatefold/FLT-046/VERSION3 James (EU) FLT-046/VERSION3 2/24/19 Awaiting PDF Proof Approval (0) Awaiting Test Pressing Approval (0) 1000 So, looks like some new stuff happening in regard to flightless! FLT-020R, Murlocs - Young Blindness Reissue and FLT-034R Murlocs - Old Locomotive Reissue coming soon I am sure. Most recent release through Flightless was FLT-043, Amyl and The Sniffers - Some Mutts, so I assume FLT-044 will be Traffik Island, FLT-045 no idea however they are in the the process of pressing FLT-046, I assume this will be the new Murlocs, perhaps to coincide with the re-issues?
  7. GazHilarant

    David Bowie - Hours reissue (2019)

    Does this one have a disgusting trifold Friday music seems to enjoy on Bowie albums?
  8. I am not an experienced image posted, hope this works :|
  9. It's one of those extremely unfortunate scenarios where I wake up at 4:30 AM to go to work, Scroll through Facebook while waking up and that is when I saw it and though, wow cool. Ill poke around and see if I can locate it again, lol.
  10. Someone posted on Facebook they got it. Looks great. Came in a flight sleeve to hold the cd cases.
  11. GazHilarant

    The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    If anyone else has one available slide on into my DM's, My wife told me I am under no circumstances allowed to re-sub
  12. GazHilarant

    Slowdive - Pygmalion MOV reissue?

    Ordered without hesitation, I don't own the original or the reissue coincidentally the only slowdive album I don't have any copy of, looks like a good one to pick up!. Thanks for the share.