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  1. I am cleaning up the top post on this, ill continue to update it as I know, things I find very interesting is they have the FLT-036 listing in 2 colors, that number was originally passed over as it would have been Polygondwanaland, they must have decided to make an official pressing of it, however that would possibly modify the idea that the secondary quantity is for ATO, as they already have numerous Poly pressings. I think perhaps the notion of them establishing an American store may be more feasible, but who knows. Also with 3 other albums in press and none of them yet named I would assume FLT-040 being the largest pressing number at 6000 total may be a new 2018 King Gizzard release, FLT-041 with 3 variants and 2500 total may be a new Murlocs, Pipe-eye or most likely a new ORB album, as Space Between The Planets has already been released. Lastly we have FLT-042, the new pressing with only 1000 total, I assume this will be Flightless first Amyl and the Sniffers release, as they have signed to Flightless and we have not heard anything else. What does everyone else think?!
  2. From the Pirate Press job status page.
  3. I figure we had some big threads for most of the King Gizzard releases last year and with the imminent release of reissues of the first 3 albums a actual flightless thread should be started. Looks like the following will be available. Available Now: FLT-039 - The Babe Rainbow - Double Rainbow - 2000 / Aqua Blue - Shipping Now FLT-038 - Stonefield - Stonefield- 2000 / Bone - Shipping Now FLT-037 - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Gumboot Soup- 2000 / Baby Blue - Shipping Now FLT-030 - Leah Senior - Pretty Faces - 1000 / Bone with Double Mint Haze - Shipping Now Upcoming: Reissues: FLT-001 - 12 Bar Bruise | 5000 / Clear with Splatter | 2000 / Doublemint FLT-005 - Eyes Like the Sky | 5000 / Unknown Color | 2000 / Unknown Color FLT-006 - Float Long Fill Your Lungs | 5000 / Unknown Color | 2000 / Unknown Color FLT-009 - Oddments | 5000 - Black & White Splatter | 2000 - Grimace Purple FLT-036 - Polygondwanaland | 2000 - Cornetto | 1000 - Gold New Releases: FLT-040 - Unannounced Album | 5000 - Unspecified Color | 1000 - Unspecified Color FLT-041 - Unannounced Album | 1000- Unspecified Color | 1000 - Unspecified Color | 500 - Unspecified Color FLT-042 - Unannounced Album | 500 - Unspecified Color | 500 - Unspecified Color Don't know when these will go live but manufacturer indicates a ship date of late August, don't buy bootlegs!!
  4. When does the VMP edition go up?
  5. http://thenownow.tv/ Standard Version: http://usstore.gorillaz.com/the-now-now-vinyl.html for $19.99 Standard Version w/ Slipmat: http://usstore.gorillaz.com/the-now-now-vinyl-slipmat.html for $29.99 Standard Version w/ Shirt, Slipmat, and Playing Cards: http://usstore.gorillaz.com/the-now-now-vinyl-t-shirt-cards-slipmat.html for $57.99 Deluxe Vinyl Box Set (colored vinyl): http://usstore.gorillaz.com/the-now-now-deluxe-vinyl-box-set.html for $74.95 Box Set (Colored Vinyl) w/ Slipmat, Prints, Badges, 52 page booklet: http://usstore.gorillaz.com/the-now-now-box-set-slipmat.html for $84.99 Box Set Deluxe (Colored Vinyl) w/ Slipmat, Prints, Badges, 52 page booklet, Playing Cards, and Shirt: http://usstore.gorillaz.com/the-now-now-box-set-t-shirt-cards-slipmat.html for $112.99
  6. Has anyone seen the stones satanic majesties? Didn't get any in Canada
  7. Whaaaat why! Depending on price I would take it. Biggest regret is not snagging one
  8. GazHilarant

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Us here in Canada didn't get any, lol
  9. Few updates, got my Fuzz Club pressings, extremely happy with packaging and sound quality, definitely better than my Bear Tree or Crane pressings. Also I figured I would post this here because this seems to be kind of the King Gizzard Main Page right now, you should check these guys out, Cook plays guitar on some of their tracks, it's jazzy, but not jazz https://dreaminwild.bandcamp.com/album/dreamin-wild
  10. Believe it or not, it may be "bone" color... They still have 100ish black on their site, and sold out of the Clear and Blue /100s like 3 months ago, however they have a bone color which may be a retail variant? If I didn't already pay for the clear and blue I would order one and see.
  11. I would kill for a wax mage. Keep missing them
  12. I am kind of sad I went with the Ogre Blood Splatter or whatever from Stolen Body, the Tri Color looks so much better. On a side note I did get the Crane Records Test Pressing in the mail yesterday, I have not had a chance to play it yet, however it looks fantastic for a test pressing.
  13. This just popped up Rolling Stoned 7-inch Stones Throw STH7062 Description: Pre-order for January 19, 2018 release: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard "Rolling Stoned" b/w Mild High Club "Rolling Stoned." https://www.stonesthrow.com/store/7-inch/various/rolling-stoned
  14. Worth noting, Fuzz Club has a few V2's up https://fuzzclub.com/products/pre-order-king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard-polygondwanaland?variant=4790559768613