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  1. Still got weird exits and odd entrances?
  2. Hahah I can turn it back on. What are you after ?
  3. I used Web Alert on android, costs 1.99 to do it every minute.
  4. Lol. I had a page tracker running since release day on their page refreshing every minute. Killed my phone battery but honestly I have loved this band since Levitation 2014 and have yet to miss an album launch
  5. I managed to snag a copper nitrate, 2 remaining in stock. And they're gone.
  6. I literally had 3 times set, toddler threw a tantrum. Picked him up, refreshed at one minute after, grabbed one, checked out, boom empty cart
  7. I missed out on the Copper Nitrate I sure hope someone on here bought two and will sell me one :).
  8. Looks like Infest the Rats Nest is going up today, 3 variants of 2000 each.
  9. I liked their first album, thought Volcano was not as good, this sounds great and the US pressing looks amazing, however I have learned to not expect ATO pressing to look anything like the mock-up
  10. There is one guy on eBay that posts massive stacks of the albums he's flipping, on one I saw he had 10 available and his picture showed all of them proudly displayed in his bedroom with 1980s baseboards and banged up / stained drywall.. i am glad they made this 1 per person, allows more non-flippers to get in on it.
  11. Anyone want to make a couple bucks and flip one of these to me? I was one of the many people unlucky enough to try twice to get them. I maintain the turntable lab is complete garbage but still would really like this pressing
  12. Because they allow 2 per person, allows for all of the nice guys on ebay to grab multiples to flip.
  13. Turntable lab is garbage, I sat here for the last 30 minutes hitting refresh, with onetouch payment set up.... sold out in less than 10 seconds..
  14. In all honesty, I own every Beach House album, except this one. I don't have any pressing of this. May just need to buy it off one of these scumbags on the secondary market, I am considering using SqueekyD123 as he pictures massive stacks of the albums he's flipping. I find that very annoying, makes me want to purchase the flip from him just to get his physical address in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania and tell him to get a job.
  15. Don't count on getting an email notification ;). they do tend to add some at later times but honestly.. Making something in such a low quantity / high demand with 2 per customer. Newburyesque.
  16. absolute garbage, took me 10 minutes to look up my US forwarding address because TTL now charges 39.75 US to ship to Canada for standard shipping. . Would have cost me almost $100.00 for it
  17. Anyone want to unload a CT version? Having a kid has left me unsure if I should buy him diapers or the CT membership.
  18. This may sound really dumb. But I would like to get the Japanese rolling stones high tides and green grass. Anyone know of any good Japanese places for rsd online to North America ?
  19. Really looking for charlatans some friendly. Anyone got any leads on it? Missed out on plaid
  20. And she's gone, glad I saw your post. I think I got the last one.
  21. Why can't Morrissey just reissue more of his older material.
  22. Seems unlikely, as they didn't do an EU Gumboot, however there will likely be some EU Distribution, Juno shows Young Blindness and Old Locomotive coming soon at £18.13