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  1. https://rockandsoul.com/products/green-day-woodstock-1994-live-12-vinyl green day
  2. Seller rockandsoul on eBay has a few copies of Green Day for cost
  3. Matt's Flexi for P+P is up on the site. Here are the tracks: Really love the old school dub feel
  4. He has two small kids and doesnt want to be away from them for long periods of time. Hes mostly doing session work.
  5. Yea unfortunately Joe is dealing with some personal issues, so he wasnt able to do the tour (and might not for a long time), but whoever they brought on to fill in absolutely killed it. The most upsetting part was when Matt told me that they were intending on playing all of Act 1 by TSOAF when they were touring with Circa last year, but when C-gak pulled out they felt weird doing the song without him
  6. And Joe too, but really just hoping for his health rather than a performance
  7. hey guys if you get a chance to go to this tour, go. This may be the last RXB tour forever. Just spoke with Matt
  8. Didnt want to start a new thread for this, but wanted to give you guys a few updates on Circa after talking with Brendan last night. 1) Circa is hoping to get a new album out by next year. Brendan has been working on 5 songs, which he says are different than what hes done before as he's been playing around with different time signatures 2) Expect a 10 year anniversary tour for On Letting Go with a vinyl repress 3) Circa's management are working to get the rights back for Blue Sky (Brendan said at the worst, all he wants to do with the album is just repress it on vinyl)(He also said he would like to do a 10 year tour for the album, but doesn't know if it would work due to fan turn out; same can be said for violent waves)
  9. Sorry but secret country is my shit. I personally really liked omni

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