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  1. I got the record I've been searching for as an anniversary gift from my bf. So happy I could die.

    1. batman


      but then you couldn't give him the record

    2. THE_James_Champ


      I think Moosehime got the record as a gift from him. That's how I read it.

  2. Happy to have found everything I've been searching for :3

  3. If you own the Maine's Forever Halloween vinyl, I'm prepared to pay the big bucks for it. Message me please :]

  4. If you still have the Desaparecidos vinyl avaliable please pm me!
  5. I hate living in the city :c

  6. Can't deal with the snow in the city anymore

  7. Please please please does anyone have these? : Forever Halloween Imaginary Numbers PM me if you're willing to part with them along with how much you'd like for either! Someone help me out please! :3