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  1. They did 3 or 4 variants of This is Boston Not L.A., all released at the same time. At least one of them was limited to 300 I believe.
  2. Amazon's Crow listing previously said 1-2 months correct? I now see 1-3 months.
  3. Jumped on that Amazon Crow deal, we shall see what happens with that deal. Makes me think they know there will be another run of them coming in at some point. Wonder what happened.
  4. This thread is moving so quickly. I have a GREEN DAY I'd be willing to swap for someone's Crow OST. PM me
  5. Sold out then maybe? https://www.ziarecords.com/p/7071110/the-crow-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-2lp-solid-white-black-lp-rsd-exclusive-2019-ltd-to-3750
  6. Their RSD stuff says not available for online purchase.
  7. I have the Green Day, if you have the Crow to trade.
  8. Said there were 70+,before I hit checkout. No way they sold 70+ in less than 5 seconds
  9. Plaid room is already sold out of the Crow. Where else can I look?
  10. I went to 3 RSD locations, and saw 30+ of those little players. I was delighted to see not one person buy one. You should not have a hard time buying one, and pretty sure they will be cheaper soon
  11. I have an unopened Green Day that I would be willing to trade for a Crow OST.
  12. I tried to call yesterday and got zero info from them. Just some clueless kid on the other end if the phone. Same deal with me in Nov. Got #23 or so. Not sure how to get the lower #s as they were not handing them out when I arrived.
  13. Any idea how Bullmoose in Salem is doing RSD? The traditional line they've always done? Or are they giving out numbers like they did for BF RSD?
  14. I got my update on Tuesday too, but tracking still shows it not moving
  15. What a gimmicky piece of shit. Hey at least it comes with the cartridge and "Stylist". Sounds like dump too. Cant wait to see how many members on here buy this junk.
  16. I'll be hitting up NC in Norwood for the big sale. When will we be seeing the official information for the sale?