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  1. Still up a day later! Glad I found this thread and was still able to snag a copy.
  2. Anybody have any experience with buying rsd stuff off Turntable Lab? Like when they usually put up leftovers and whatnot? I signed up for the stock email on the things I want, but something about that feels unreliable to me idk
  3. Late to the party, but anybody know where I can find a copy of the My Chem release? Was out of town for a funeral and friends had no luck finding a copy in Philly. I've been searching online with no luck. Will compensate somebody if they got an extra/see one in their local shop and are willing ship
  4. Lil' heads up: Hot Snakes/Mudhoney was sold out for a bit (much to my dismay), but I saw that it was back in stock today. Link for anybody interested: https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/mudhoney_hot_snakes/one_bad_actor_they_put_you_up_to_this
  5. I know Interpunk doesn't always have the best prices, but they have all of the reissues on the colored vinyl https://www.interpunk.com/search.cfm? Have an OG of Control but that yellow is too sweet to pass up
  6. Good news and bad news: In a pretty sudden change of plans, I decided to buy a ticket to the show while in line for the popup shop, meaning I was only able to purchase a record for myself in an effort to not spend an irresponsible amount of money in the course of an hour or two. Since arenas usually put up the tickets that they held onto for promotions but never got rid of on the day of the show, I ended up getting a pretty excellent seat. Travis Scott rode a mechanical bird. I had fun. In a more unfortunate turn of events, I opened the copy of the record I purchased a couple minutes ago, only to discover that it was black, despite being red on the menu I was handed in the shop, so I guess everything worked out (?)
  7. We're planning on getting in early enough to wait in line for a bit, so hopefully we'll have some luck Has anybody been successful in getting the red from one of the pop-up shops and/or what time did you go?
  8. How late in the day did you go? My friend and I are going to the Philly one tomorrow as early as we can, but if the vinyl has been selling out early it might not be worth it
  9. My b if this has already been answered, but has anybody confirmed that the retail version is black? I've seen listings for the black vinyl but no pictures of anything but the red. Thought it might be the same situation as Blank Face with people just expecting the retail to be black but it was also on the color. Feeling like a goofball for sleeping on the preorders tho
  10. Couldn't pass on that Into It. Over It. one. I'll purchase any piece of vinyl that has 22 Syllables on it. Also: has anybody who ordered in the first batch received theirs yet? Not getting impatient, just curious. I understand that this is probably not a very quick process.
  11. For anybody who bought this, how does it sound? Saw it at a local store for $31, which felt semi-reasonable unless it sounds like the other represses
  12. This video reminded me how much I like Sure and Certain (Also that all white JA-90 is so hard)
  13. My mom is a huge fan. Has been bothering me to burn her a copy of Futures for months and is maybe more upset than I am that there are no PA dates. your mom needs to step it up
  14. Gettin' on this thread. Any word on how I can get my hands on the 7" yet besides the in-stores?