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  1. to be fair, when I got the 2nd spirit club LP the sleeve was destroyed and they sent me a new copy right away that showed up fine. you can get the blue without the extra, I don't think there's any difference in the actual lp from the deluxe and standard. correct me if i'm wrong. I'm curious how many of the blue there actually are though.
  2. excited for this but not gonna lie glad this bump wasn't the preorder going up cuz it seems like all kind of must buy stuff has been going up and it's killing me
  3. worst possible time for preorders for me, and its pretty expensive, but i will actually die if i miss that splatter
  4. damn this showed up today and the sleeve was absolutely obliterated. Currently listening and at least it seems like the record didn't get damaged, which is surprising because i've never had a sleeve showed up maimed so badly. I'll shoot them an email and hopefully they have some replacements..
  5. i got two 2 liters of titanfall mtn dew from different places and they were both went flat within a day. how does soda work? usually that doesn't happen.
  6. i need this. can't decide if i should grab red or hold out for a record release variant or something... i feel like since its roadrunner everything is maybe getting pressed in huge quantity but idk.
  7. this band and their damn single side with screen prints. i irrationally hate it. not in a rush cuz i think the splatter will look cool with my clear with red and blue swirl copy of an autobiography. the single isn't grabbing me yet either.
  8. and here's the weezer track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0pq2r-3FqE

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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