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  1. Great news on the Ride represses. I got the 25th Anniversary of Nowhere and didn't realize how stupid the resale prices got on it.
  2. All white version with some bonus tracks and other whatnot: https://store.boniver.org/products/preorder-bon-iver-bon-iver-10th-anniversary-edition-lp
  3. Esperwave just popped up on Channel 3. Pretty neat takes on FF VI's soundtrack https://ch3records.com/collections/vinyl/products/ch3-006?variant=40565913059480 Bandcamp link if you wanna hear some samples first: https://natsukashii.bandcamp.com/album/e
  4. Is this available for preorder anywhere in the US? Their official store says "Not available" right now.
  5. You can still order it for $18 but it's "Temporarily out of stock". Threw an order in just for the hell of it.
  6. Heh, just got a shipping notification for After Dark 3. I forgot I ordered that.
  7. Got shipping notification from The Avalanches store for this last night, so that's neat.
  8. Got shipping notification from Record Store UK, but since there's no tracking info for it so I'm just hoping it shows up eventually.
  9. But it doesn't suck for idiots like me who didn't get the 2018 repress!
  10. Can't wait until they release all of the albums on one single 480" LP with each album being a different colored ring. Mars Volta has the ability to out-Glassjaw Glassjaw. I believe in them!
  11. lol these prices can fuck right off ... Bought Frances the Mute
  12. Hope this means I can finally get my hands on Mr Muggs!
  13. I hope the compilation has both of the songs on one of the discs and the other disc is just the etchings and completely unplayable.
  14. Well that's pretty damn lame. Guess I'll buy it from the US Avalanches store then.
  15. Up for pre-order at BullMoose now if you're feeling lucky: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/26265398/avalanches-since-i-left-you
  16. Can't wait to bump this thread in a few months and piss everyone off.
  17. Ah yes, the 3 genres I would use to describe The Mars Vota.

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