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  1. Shit, I forgot Flood even came out on vinyl. May have to try tracking one down one of these days or just wait for the Third Man repress.
  2. Damn, didn't know they lost the masters to the 2002 Heavy Rocks.
  3. 3 different variants on their Bandcamp at the moment and Merge has a couple of their own variants. I'm really digging the track they shared. https://store.relapse.com/item/112724/custom-vertigo-merge-ltd-to-135 https://boris.bandcamp.com/album/heavy-rocks-2022
  4. Picked up the pink storm myself. Thanks for the heads up! Link for the really lazy: https://www.turnstilehardcore.com/store/
  5. Animal Crossing vinyl up at PlayAsia https://www.play-asia.com/animal-crossing-totakeke-music-instrumental-selection-limited-ed/13/70fder
  6. Reached out to Clever Eagle's Instagram and got an email confirmation right after that. They seem to be handling this as well as they could.
  7. My AmEx is showing as charged, so who knows!
  8. I think I was able to get through? No email confirmation yet though, but man that site is getting hammered right now.
  9. Got a shipping notification today, which was a nice surprise.
  10. Bullmoose also lists it as a 12" compared to the 10". It's a minor quibble and probably just a listing error, but 2 inches is a big deal for some people.
  11. And has the potential to go even harder
  12. Great news on the Ride represses. I got the 25th Anniversary of Nowhere and didn't realize how stupid the resale prices got on it.
  13. All white version with some bonus tracks and other whatnot: https://store.boniver.org/products/preorder-bon-iver-bon-iver-10th-anniversary-edition-lp
  14. Esperwave just popped up on Channel 3. Pretty neat takes on FF VI's soundtrack https://ch3records.com/collections/vinyl/products/ch3-006?variant=40565913059480 Bandcamp link if you wanna hear some samples first: https://natsukashii.bandcamp.com/album/e
  15. Is this available for preorder anywhere in the US? Their official store says "Not available" right now.
  16. You can still order it for $18 but it's "Temporarily out of stock". Threw an order in just for the hell of it.
  17. Heh, just got a shipping notification for After Dark 3. I forgot I ordered that.
  18. Got shipping notification from The Avalanches store for this last night, so that's neat.

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