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  1. That's good... I was paranoid about that when I had my hernia surgery
  2. New Vanum album is up https://vanum.bandcamp.com/album/ageless-fire-2 Order the LP here https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/vanum-ageless-fire-vinyl-lp
  3. Life is complicated, but I am still living it... Still collecting records haha.
  4. Yeah, I bet... As long as you come out the other side mostly unscathed, you are ahead of the game.
  5. Yeah, the last 4 years has been a wild ride for a bunch of people I think... Myself included.
  6. I moved to a city with good public transportation so I wouldn't have to own a car... I feel your pain.
  7. My body is like a furnace and generates a crazy amount of heat... I never feel cold. And I am descended from people that lived in the cold all the time. I imagine those are why.
  8. Summer is mine... Anything above 50 degrees Fahrenheit is oppressive
  9. I know what you mean... Now if only this oppressive weather could stop and winter start again.
  10. Totally thought that... Until I peaked in because of the page count.

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