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  1. Yeah we all know that personal responsibility is a dying trait among millennials. Thanks for the confirmation.
  2. Fulfill their fucking orders like any responsible business and sue pledge for their losses, like other bands are doing. They made this bed, not the fans. They know damn well the banks aren't reversing year old charges. Pull your head out.
  3. Your ignorance is astounding. I am not complaining about the prices. If you are out of the loop on what happened with this pledge, maybe you should look into what is going on before making yourself look stupid. The fans pre-ordered the vinyl. The vinyl was shipped to the band. The band and pledge are having some kind of problem with the money. The band is now selling the vinyl that the fans pre-ordered on their website. Christ it's like talking to a wall with some of you people
  4. The vinyl was supposed to be autographed, therefore one can make the assumption that it had to be sent to the band first and then out to the fans.not to mention the fact that they are selling the vinyl that we pre-ordered on their website. Your comment is way less than Savage
  5. Your argument is childish and bereft of adult critical thought. That's why you're bowing out. Have a great day
  6. Oh Christ. If your issue is with people overpaying for records, you're on the wrong forum. And Failure didn't get fucked, the fans did, you ball licking apologist
  7. They chose the platform, not the fans. It's not free if we all paid for it. If the platform they decided to use isn't releasing the funds, that is between pledge and the bands. Again, other lesser known, and poorer bands have done exactly that.
  8. They have the records in their possession, asshat. They should have fulfilled the orders and gone after pledge for what they are owed. Other bands affected, lesser known bands, have done exactly that. I guess some people enjoy a raw dog, not everyone is like you though.
  9. Yes they were all over priced but my collection is small, and they were one of my favorite bands so I was willing to pay. There's a difference between overpaying and getting the dick.
  10. Failure took people's money, didn't fulfill the orders, and took the records we pre-ordered to sell again on their web site. If you're going to argue, try to at least know what's going on. People were told to dispute year old charges with their banks and credit cards. We did not receive any product and the charges are too old to be refunded.
  11. I have never felt so ripped off in my life. Fuck these dudes. They were one of my favorite bands. How can I listen to them now knowing what assholes they are? I have every other record, including fp clear, fp live colored, thiam colored, Solaris, and the first two 7". Someone make me an offer.
  12. I held out as well. Failure is one of my favorite bands, so it was extra disappointing for me. They can't all be zingers, I guess.
  13. Yep, they're four for four in fucking my orders up as well. Not to mention, I must be the only one who thinks the new album sucks.