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  1. I would like to know this as well.. I have recently seen this and Wild Mood Swings have been added to their respective discogs pages.
  2. Has anyone received these yet and can give a review?
  3. Ah, I didn't know if was taken from a book cover. Maybe there is some relevance btwn the two with whatever that book was about....? Thanks
  4. something looks fishy here..... https://invoguerecords.merchnow.com/products/v2/295339/i-dont-know-what-im-doing-here-coke-bottle-green What's the connection? or is this just straight album art plagiarism?
  5. i expected an announcement for a vinyl release of this by now....but still nothing....?
  6. Whenever i've received items the shipping notices always come from pledge. I'm not certain if the items were shipped from pledge or the artist, i honestly didn't pay much attention when the items arrived.
  7. I inquired about a refund for the Matthew Sweet record i was waiting on. They took a couple days to reply but eventually said they refunded me.... that was Thursday or Friday last week and i have not seen the credit to my credit card account yet.... I hope they have actually refunded me.
  8. One I sold on discogs and the other I gave to a friend. Prolonging the Magic is the record they pressed in the wrong colour for the second run. That's the defining difference between the first run and second run. I think all the other records were pressed in the correct colour (but I haven't seen them to know for sure). I know this because of the multiple copies I was shipped.
  9. I have the RSD first press version. I'm running a project debut III carbon with a 2mblue. The records sound fine. I had an issue with one record, Prolonging the Magic I think, there seems to be an issue with one song where it makes a loud bump like there is a scratch but there is no visible damage. They sent a replacement and it had the same issue. They sent another replacement from the second press and it had the same issue....so I gave up. It must have been a problem with the plates they used, or a problem with the cut. I'm quite satisfied with the sound and quality otherwise.
  10. They have finally announced that these albums will get a repress. I'm interested to hear the details. "Individual CAKE catalog titles on vinyl coming soon… ⠀" https://www.instagram.com/p/BtQmhkDg-WJ/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  11. If you've ordered these from pledgemusic beware, they are in financial trouble. If you are just finding out about these remasters order from intervention records directly.
  12. Nice, those are pretty! I scored the the coloured versions last time, and I'm tempted to get these as well.

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