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  1. I would like to see Loser editions of these two records, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Still, it will be nice to have these on vinyl.
  2. 'diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea' come on man. seriously. I only made it 4 songs in.
  3. dare i listen....? Maybe a little.
  4. That looks sweet! Still no gatefold though.
  5. That edit will only search the amazon items and not the third party listings though....that's what was great about the discount filter, it would show third party prices as well. I've purchased a lot of items that way from third party sellers. But it's next to impossible now to find the third party deals.
  6. If i remember correctly there is a way to filter by price at amazon.com. I don't remember the steps exactly, but you used to be able to filter for items under a certain dollar amount. Not sure if that same function works on amazon.ca.....?
  7. hmmm....something is up. Some of the items i've been watching no longer have third party options to purchase.....
  8. You're the first person i thought of when i noticed it was gone today. I wonder if they removed it on purpose, or if they did some coding update and overlooked it....?
  9. Woah. The discount filter has been removed from amazon.ca. Have no way to look for discounted records now, unless there is some other way to filter them...?
  10. niblips

    Record Store Day 2018

    Did i misread something? Last week i thought i saw a copy of the Decemberists new album listed for release on RSD on blue vinyl. I don't see it on the list....
  11. Rec'd mine today, complete with seam splits and corner crunches....
  12. Sorry, update on sound quality. It's Monday....
  13. Um...$120USD for that is a bit much. Looks cool, but who wants to stand up and sit down so damn much while you're listening to an album? Shipping and currency conversion would put this at about $200CAD.
  14. Can someone who buys one of these C&L clear copies update us after you receive it?
  15. I've had a Panic Prevention order in at amazon.ca for more than a year now... was waiting for a confirmed date for a year...finally updated last month. Unfortunately Kings and Queens still doesn't have an amazon.ca LP listing. Gonna have to order from the UK soon....but it's gonna cost $40 instead of $25.