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  1. Are these really collectively worth $100+? I have them all and the only ones I've listened to in the past 12 months are Katie Dey, Elvis D and Soccer Mommy.
  2. Apparently the green sold out (not sure exactly when, I just happened to notice tonight)
  3. 1. Death Grips Is Online - 10 /10 2. Flies - 10 /10 3. Black Paint - 10 /10 4. Linda's In Custody - 10 /10 5. The Horn Section - 8.5 /10 6. Ha Ha Ha - 9.5 /10 7. Shitshow - 9.0 /10 8. Streaky - 9.0 /10 9. Dilemma - 10 /10 10. Little Richard - 8.5 /10 11. The Fear - 10 /10 12. Outro - 8.5 /10 13. Disappointed - 10 /10 Overall : Pretty pretty 9.5 /10
  4. I'm in love with this album. Listened once to the "leak" yesterday, then six more times last night once it hit Spotify. Today I downloaded the official digital version after deleting the "leak" since they emailed it to me for pre-ordering, and the files are VBR mp3s. Really miffed they aren't even 320
  5. But the pretty colors. Jokes aside, I'm sad I missed this. It truly is a wonderfully fitting color. But it popped up on a bad financial week for me. I knew it'd vanish quick being only /300.
  6. This album is excellent. Probably their most experimental LP yet.
  7. Traveled 10 hours there a couple years ago to see him at 40 watt. Great show. If he returns with MVB (assuming he doesn't play closer to me in New Orleans or Pensacola) we should totally try to both attend!
  8. I know, hella disappointed by that. I'd travel all the way to Atlanta/Athens for a MVB tour. I've seen Bright Eyes and multiple solo Conor tours but I never got to make a MVB show last decade (I was in my mid-teens and didn't drive 2008-2009)
  9. I think this is just a ten year anniversary release. They're reforming the Mystic Valley Band lineup to tour too.
  10. I really like the production on a few tracks but I'm not used to Nas' vocals and I'm trying to see if it's gonna grow on me. It's definitely bod bad at all though.
  11. So it most certainly does not come with a download code. Is anyone who purchased this capable of making an mp3 rip for others who have purchased? I have no way to and I wanna listen to it while driving at work
  12. The released another track today then took it down or something. I dunno, having released half the album when it's out so soon is a weird move. I'm only watching the videos and trying to avoid them mainly so I can experience it more as a whole.
  13. Does it come with an immediate digital version of the album if you purchase through the website?
  14. Oh man, what a wonderful tracklist! Whenever I attended that tore I was stoked he was playing tracks like Kute and So but I feared they wouldn't be selected for the live album release. Very pleased.
  15. I haven't listened to Nas since I was 9 and my dad won a copy of one of his albums from a radio call-in giveaway, (before he left me and my sis dadless, ofc) would I like this if I loved daytona, ye and ksg
  16. So where do I find this tomorrow? Third man's website?
  17. Are you sure it's 20k vinyl copies? I was under the impression 20k was the combined number of vinyl, cd and digital downloads (sold independently and coupled with the hoodie/shirt) and that the additional 208 equivalent was from Spotify and Apple streams.
  18. Considering the green may be the only YOTS with the diecut sleeve, I went ahead and threw more money into the (bottomless) pit
  19. Check your spam folder/promotions section. My conf email went there for some reason. Also there's a new shirt on the website for sale, I guess that's why the shop was temporarily down.
  20. Literally came here to post this. Reloaded a tab I had open from yesterday for the hell of it and noticed the shop was offline. I wonder if they really were that limited?
  21. Listened to this from start to finish eight times already today. I love it. Purchased. Will these be limited at all? God, Cudi Montage melts my brain
  22. I got the tape and that was $16 and I bit the bullet on ye and KSG just now but I still feel compelled to get that green. What should I do? It'd leave me broke but I can eat bread or something?