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  1. $10 for double LP? Haven't found a better time machine yet, thank you for this moment of joy!
  2. Yeap - was surprised with some double ones for like $15 (Puscifer, Sunn, Primus) plus Converge/Bad Religion last represses for less than $20. Plus third record free, which made me pull the trigger.
  3. Recently I have released something for fans of heavy stuff - call it whatever you like: mathcore, noise, sludge. Absolutely stunning band KRZTA! Check if that's your cup of tea with opening track from their last album: And here are the tapes, more pictures and details in the store (threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com) :
  4. ^I couldn't agree more with you, same story for me in regards to collecting. However, not sure if I'm strong enough to give up on this. Once I tried, it ended up with re-buying records from people I sold them to 😐
  5. Pretty sure you noticed that back of the cover has been revealed only now to show that you should get all special variants to have possibility to put them one by one to achieve 1989 sequence.. it's something like 'clock' from one of the previous releases, but cheaper
  6. As a Isis vinyl fanboy and completist I had to order it, but $48 is crazy I know.. "don't like it, don't buy it".
  7. It's also available in US store: https://www.blixtmerchandise.com/collections/ipecac-recordings Along with above, discovering that Peeping Tom is released and being finally tempted to get enhanced version of Palms, this was an expensive afternoon.
  8. Absolutely beautiful set of TMS records from! Browsing your collection reminds me times of their new releases and pre-order parties on web forum in the middle of the night (my time).. great memories! I see some of the records for the first time. Having most of them, still glad to see unique test presses. Wish you had "They, The Undeserving " TP from the 1st press. Bump!
  9. Vinyl First Press: 500 x Vertigo Mix (DW Exclusive) 750 x Yellow in Beer / Pink in Transparent w/ Splatter (Revolver Exclusive) 1000 x Gold / Beer & Pink / Transparent Red Quad (Tour Exclusive) 3000 x Orange, Yellow & Pink Haze (Indie Exclusive) ∞ x Bone / Gold & Pink / Red Swirl Cassette First Press: 500 x Pink 500 x Gold
  10. ^I second that. Being a HUGE Isis fanboy and Deftones one as well, this record never worked for me. Maybe it's because of expectations as said above (typical supergroup issue). As my friend said, this album looks like combination of the least interesting sides of both artists Maybe I'll give it a try to celebrate repress, though.
  11. Still looking for it, has anyone got it? 🤔
  12. Is $45 new price tag for vinyl..? First Boris (way more surprising, I must admit), now Depeche Mode.. 😭
  13. What?? And I haven't heard about it? Fortunately snagged it from the other place (lunchbox records), so let's see what comes in the mailer. And whether they pop up in other stores as well..
  14. Wow, didn't expect new album! I'm not good at social media, but still.. kinda surprised it's been 6 years since the last one 😲
  15. ^well, in fact it works for QOTSA, at least for "s/t" 😜
  16. So this EP does not contain tracks from fist 10"? It's going to be more complex than I thought, tending to agree with @rooks predictions..
  17. It's all seems like there was some rush, starting with songs and ending on title and layout. Strange for such a big company Slipknot now is. As for the music - haven't listened to them for a while, but tried new album on nostalgia wave related to vinyl represses. Well, it's not good to say at least. Strange to start album this way, most tracks are.. meh. One old-scholl banger "H337" is terrific, though.
  18. Happy to see someone used the most obvious colours for this one, which is not the case recently. Unfortunately, neither fan of G'n'R nor the price 😜
  19. Seems I'm too old for this NFT thing. Now I know how does it feel being a boomer. Shit, haven't seen it coming.. 😟
  20. Well, I know it's time consuming, but I create my own "boxes" from rectangle piece of cardboard (with no sides) - simply to save money. Shipping internationally, it's bulletproof.
  21. hey, found two brochures with lyrics to Brand New albums, "Deja Entendu" and "The Devil.." - called Pogolith #00 and #000 (second printing). Brand new, of course. Will ship for $12 woldwide - if anyone's interested, hit me a message. Cheers, Maciek
  22. Time for little add If you're into tapes, check my microlabel dedicated to tapes - you'll find some pictures and descriptions in the store: https://www.facebook.com/ThreeMoonsRecs/ https://threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com/ Thanks for checking!
  23. Finally! I didn't buy it when it came out having no money and I did not expect it to sell out and reach such a high prices on black market. Now it's time to fix this mistake, thanks for the heads-up!
  24. Haha, I though this is the heavy metal Mignight (the one that sounds like we are still in thrash 80's), but I played a track - and holy shit! - was teleported to 80's I don't want to remember 🤣

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