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  1. Hey I'm never on these boards anymore, but if you hit me up on instagram @danthemjfan23 I can help you out with this
  2. I'm never on this board anymore, but hit me up on instagram @danthemjfan23 and I think I can help you out with some stuff
  3. Hi I'm still alive and unfortunately so is this topic
  4. i do! missing a couple tests, but have everything from the normal pressings.
  5. it's 2020 and i'm less than 20 pieces away from having everything that's ever been publicly available. please help me put this goddamn collection to rest. i'm so close i can't even begin to explain how much i want this to end.
  6. crossed off one of the Dead Ending variants. surely somebody has one of these Goddamnits, or a Maybe I'll Catch Fire...? or one of the Skibas... please i hate collecting this band already just let me be done with it
  7. i've really been going hard at getting these this year. knocked off 3 more in the last couple weeks. have leads on a couple more that should be incoming shortly. any and all help is appreciated. i'm into trades if you still want to have copies of these records in your collection, but i'm cool with buying outright, too!
  8. they all have this cover: so i think yes? but i'm not sure if only the very first pressing with this style cover is considered the "redux" version, but then once they had John Golden re-master it, if those versions are considered something else? idk. i hate collecting this release. it's my favorite record of all time, but collecting it and keeping all of the information straight has been a [goddamn] nightmare.
  9. crossed another one off the list last month. would love to get this list down to under 10 things before the end of the year. i've got some work to do to make that happen, but i believe in myself. and i believe in you. let's help each other here.
  10. gotten lucky this last month and knocked a few more off the list. help me cross off a few more? 🙏🏽
  11. knocked off a few in the past few weeks. just a handful to go before this madness is over.
  12. somebody has to have this 3rd pressing Agony & Irony on 2 x black vinyl, right? 1,500 somebodies technically. surely one or two of them are on VC...
  13. looking to knock off some more stuff from my wants list this summer. most of these aren't super rare or expensive, so i'm happy to either buy them outright from you, or trade you a different variant of similar value. i have a ton of stuff available to trade, but we can talk about that if/when we get there because i don't want to list them all out lmao. yes, i know, some of these are available on discogs right now. but i'd rather trade with people here than deal with people there if i can.
  14. not sure if you or your buddy are interested in ANY jay ryan prints, but i have 5 different ones available in this album on facebook: a super old/rare/autographed Alkaline Trio print from 1999, the iconic Smoking Popes turtles print, and a few others. check out the whole album and shoot me a message on facebook if you're interested. (let me know you saw this post on VC)

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