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  1. Dang I would have bought that one. Didn’t think it would sell out so quick
  2. Unless they just buy the ticket. I would have been more likely to buy it and the ticket together but my buddy already bought a ticket so we are just watching together.
  3. I can’t give myself any good reason to buy this. It’s a weird in between of a studio album and a live album. I can’t see myself wanting to return to a livestream of an album.
  4. My girlfriend said she really liked a few of the songs because they reminded her of All Time Low.... think i agree with everyone else. Some good songs and some not good ones. I’d probably enjoy those more if Silverstein’s name wasn’t attached
  5. Guessing it was a mistake - doesn't drop to $10 for me. Thanks though!
  6. Same thing happened to me. Looked back at the site and they switched the variant in the bundle
  7. I’m in. I cannot handle the finances this year however. I’ll get keepers to you as soon as I can.
  8. Paramore - After Laughter www.paramore.net/vinyl RPBCTCKHLMK8QE UNDERØATH - Erase Me www.memphisvinyl.com/downloads rwGag p4D03 - 0 could be an O (idk?)
  9. Oh geez - thanks for the links. 30 bucks is s but much. Think I’ll pass. That’s about half of the johnny cash box set I kind of want too...
  10. Had anyone seen the Star Wars porg? Wasn’t able to go out this year and only kinda want that
  11. I appreciate it. I have the chase porg. I was referring to the 10”.
  12. The shit show that Target is for getting exclusives has officially ruined the hobby for me. Just getting exclusives isn’t fun anymore. I decided to stick to specific characters and I’ll be selling off the majority of my collection soon. I’m part relived, part bummed that it’s come to this. Id still love a porg but I have lost hope
  13. Lighter than I hoped. Nothing like the tour albums from their previous albums. This band has seriously changed.