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  1. Two of the songs are on the EP they released last year with their cover of Chicago is so Two Years ago - Just Sound and Outta My Head
  2. got all the way through and it errored out. got through a second time and got a confirmation from PayPal - not Field Day
  3. Mine came today with confetti in the shape of stars i got in the weeds by the way..
  4. I forgot to tune in to the cities livestream. Was bummed it was gone when I tried. one way to tell how edited it is if they fixed all the lyrics he forgets. Pretty sure I noticed him messing up lyrics 3-4 times each live stream lol
  5. Dang I would have bought that one. Didn’t think it would sell out so quick
  6. Unless they just buy the ticket. I would have been more likely to buy it and the ticket together but my buddy already bought a ticket so we are just watching together.
  7. I can’t give myself any good reason to buy this. It’s a weird in between of a studio album and a live album. I can’t see myself wanting to return to a livestream of an album.
  8. My girlfriend said she really liked a few of the songs because they reminded her of All Time Low.... think i agree with everyone else. Some good songs and some not good ones. I’d probably enjoy those more if Silverstein’s name wasn’t attached
  9. Guessing it was a mistake - doesn't drop to $10 for me. Thanks though!
  10. Same thing happened to me. Looked back at the site and they switched the variant in the bundle
  11. I’m in. I cannot handle the finances this year however. I’ll get keepers to you as soon as I can.
  12. Paramore - After Laughter www.paramore.net/vinyl RPBCTCKHLMK8QE UNDERØATH - Erase Me www.memphisvinyl.com/downloads rwGag p4D03 - 0 could be an O (idk?)
  13. Oh geez - thanks for the links. 30 bucks is s but much. Think I’ll pass. That’s about half of the johnny cash box set I kind of want too...
  14. Had anyone seen the Star Wars porg? Wasn’t able to go out this year and only kinda want that
  15. I appreciate it. I have the chase porg. I was referring to the 10”.
  16. The shit show that Target is for getting exclusives has officially ruined the hobby for me. Just getting exclusives isn’t fun anymore. I decided to stick to specific characters and I’ll be selling off the majority of my collection soon. I’m part relived, part bummed that it’s come to this. Id still love a porg but I have lost hope
  17. Lighter than I hoped. Nothing like the tour albums from their previous albums. This band has seriously changed.
  18. Agreed. Also still not convinced Asuka isn’t going to switch to smackdown. Technically she neve said who she is challenging and smackdown hasn’t done much for building a number 1 contender
  19. Thanks! Bummed I missed the /25, but stoked to finally have a copy of Surface Tension. Forgot who on the boards told me about Them (may have been you James) but have loved them since