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  1. hello friends ! I am stoked to announce that the Mihai Edrsich Un Jour Sans Lendemain LP is repressed and available again ! 500 copies pressed on colored vinyl, comes with a 12 pages booklet with an interview of the band members from 2017, pictures and lyrics, reproductions of flyers and a DL code. A true labor of love ! Repressed for the first time of their full length released on Purepainsugar in 2005… For those who are not familiar with the band, Mihai Edrisch was like a comet in the sky… shortlived but full of light. Active in the early 2000s, in a time when bands like Amanda Woodward, Daïtro, Belle Epoque, Gantz, Hyacinth, Sed Non Satiata & co were releasing records and touring, Mihai Edrisch as well had that (what is trademarked now as) ‘french screamo’ touch but they pushed the intensity, complexity and depth further than their peers. Driven by emotional high-ends guitars, heavy drums, aerial bass lines and desperate vocals, that album is a true masterpiece for the genre and it was time to bring it under the light once again. Featuring members of Celeste, Daïtro, Baton Rouge, Lost Boys, Pinku Saido & more You can listen to it HEEEEERE and order it THEEEEERE for 18€ post paid in Europe, 20€ post paid for the rest of the world.
  2. hey friends preorders are up for both Longings s/t LP and Torino / Zero Gain 12" on http://www.echocanyonrecords.com ! I am so excited about these new releases. They will ship on september 18th and I'll of course find some extra stuff to throw in the preorders. There are some special bundles as you can see ! Don't miss these GREAT records. Few words about them : Longings explore the dark passages of post-punk with an intricate and melodic edge. Both bleak and levitative, their self-titled debut aggressively conquers themes of frustration & isolation. The Western Massachusetts trio, comprised of Meghan Minior, Will Killingsworth, and Cole Lanier, have grown and intensified their sound dramatically since the release of their 2013 demo tape, and it truly shows on these recordings. Over the course of eight songs, the band crafts an acute and urgent album by way of dynamic guitar work, compelling vocals, and spirited delivery. We could not be happier to release this record to the world! you can stream a track on BBBAAAAANNNNNDDDCCCAAAAAAMMMMMMPPPPPP the artwork made by Meghan if you live in the US, the record is also released on Framework ! ---------- After their well received debut 12"es released both in 2013 Torino (from Lyon, featuring Gwen from Baton Rouge, 12XU, Daitro as well as Rog from Who Needs Maps and Felix from Ken Park, Take Warning) and Zero Gain (from St Etienne) had the great idea to team up for a split 12" ! What you will get is 4 songs of each of my favourite punk rock bands in France right now, melodic, urgent without artifice but being so well inspired and well crafted that it puts me into admiration. They play the punk rock I love, singing unforgettable hooks about their own towns or different life experiences. Don't miss that one ! 300 copies pressed on black vinyl with a download code. stream the whole thing HHHHEEEERRRREEEEEE ---------- records both out on september 18th check echocanyonrecords.com or facebook.com/echocanyonrecords
  3. hey friends I'm stoked to announce you that the new single from our buddies from Besançon Red Gloves is out now. As well as the Veuve SS 7" ! We finally made it. Good things come in pairs. Few words about these great releases that I'm really excited to be part of and distribute... RED GLOVES new 7" single contains at least one mega hit called "Twelve Headache". That song has its place in the list of the songs you wish you'd be able to write one day with your band. The band is from Besançon, FR and started as a side project of The Irradiates and Jack & The Bearded Fisherman but quickly became more serious than they expected. Simply because great songs and great feedbacks pop up. Fans of Hot Snakes / Samiam or The Get Up Kids will be pleased. A perfect blend of indie, punkrock and old school emo. 500 copies pressed on black vinyl. co released with other friends labels listen to these 2 killer songs HERE VEUVE SS "o.p.l.t & o.s.c." 7" After the amazing Visères 12" that we released last year, VeuveSS is back with an awesome 7", pushing further their disgust for every sound that is clean, nice and polished. VeuveSS seeks what's hidden in us, what we don't want to see, what we don't want to be and bring it to the surface, right inside your head. 5 new songs with heavy dirty riffs, somewhere between hardcore and sludge, rageous drumming and disgusted vocals. Such a killer release. 500 copies released with my buddy Robert / Adagio830 and Momo / Flower Of Carnage in Japan. White silk screen on white paper and white vinyl. Don't miss that one. listen to this HERE DAITRO - Y - repress LP a new batch of Daitro's final release is also available again on transparent yellow. check out the bundle packs on ECHO CANYON WEBSITE About the future projects, a new Sed Non Satiata release will see the light of the day in the summer, it will be a 12" split with Portland's Carrion Springs. They recorded at Santi Garcia's Ultramarinos, where we recorded the 2 Daitro LPs... as well as the 2 Mihai Edrisch's releases. They told me it will sound HUGE. can't wait ! Talking about Mihai Edrisch (notice the great linking!) Mihai Edrisch's 2nd and last album "Un Jour Sans Lendemain" LP repress is under consideration as well. More about these soon ! Otherwise I won't release it on Echo Canyon but will distribute the new BATON ROUGE LP called Totem. The record is mixed and it should be out (on Purepainsugar, Adagio830 and Bakery Outlet) in the summer as well. wholesale, questions, suggestions -> echo [at] echocanyonrecords.com Stay tuned ! thanks for your support Julien