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  1. Removed all sold item, added a bunch more! See list below: Cost Artist Title Format Media Sleeve 170 Across The Universe Cast Across The Universe - Music From The Motion Picture 2xLP, Ltd, Num, Blu NM NM 16 Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz The Hunchback Of Notre Dame LP, Pic NM NM 40 Alexander Courage And Gene Roddenberry Star
  2. Removed sold items, still have a lot left and willing to bundle deals on multiples!
  3. Good morning fellow VC'ers! Here is the complete list of everything for Sale, and prices are always negotiable. Plus, I'll do bundled deals as well. There are well over 350 Records here! $19 ††† EP † 10", EP, Ltd, Pink $16 ††† EP †† 10", EP, Ltd, Blue $18 ††† EP ††† 10", EP, Ltd, Yellow $10 ††† Op†ion / †elepa†hy 7", Ltd $20 A Perfect Circle
  4. Hey everyone, I'm selling off most of my Vinyl collection over on Discogs. There is Mondo, Dealth Waltz, Waxwork, Limited Releases, Grunge, Rock, Alternative, you name it. I'm open to offers as well. I prefer selling to everyone on here since everyone has always helped me out so much. Here is the list: https://www.discogs.com/seller/nathan_s82/profile?sort=listed%2Cdesc&limit=250&page=1
  5. Just got my cancellation e-mail from Dr. Strange on Pearl Jam, glad I got one through Juno.
  6. I've never had a problem with records coming from Juno. They usually use standard Record Mailers when shipping to the US.
  7. Got a link, just searched for it and couldn't find it. Disregard, I found it and it's sold out.
  8. Woohoo! Got Pearl Jam (finally) from Banquet Records. Now to see if Dr. Strange cancels the other order I did on it.
  9. It's completely random. Sign up for Stock Emails on the ones you want. I got notified that I Am Sam went up live.
  10. If anyone sees Pearl Jam or The Crow, please let me know!
  11. Just tried, and they weren't there, thanks for the heads up!
  12. Just got a cancellation e-mail from Easy Street on the Pearl Jam album. If anyone sees it, can you grab it for me??
  13. I've had good experiences with TurnTable, but their timing on releasing RSD items is sporatic.
  14. Got the Foo Fighters 3" on Bullmoose, but no Crow. Hopefully more stock shows up of it soon.
  15. O believe me, I'm still hunting for The Crow just in case Amazon cancels on me.
  16. Just talked to Easy Street, and they are done with taking online/mail orders, but they still have a bunch in the store. I got an order in with Dr. Strange (which will probably get cancelled like last year), but was able to do an order with online with Easy Street. Now to hurry up and wait for everything to come in. Thank you guys so much for the help this year, it has been a doozy, but I got everything I wanted. Here's what I got on order: 1234 GO: Joe Strummer Port of Sound: Sublime Transformers OST Volumes 1-3 Plaid Records: TMNT Single
  17. Can you grab me a copy?? Just tried it online, and it was sold out. Thank you guys for the Finders heads up, got the Queen Picture Disc!
  18. Easy Street has the Pearl Jam album in their site, but it won't let you buy it. It gives you an error.
  19. Please let me know if they have Pearl Jam, Queen, or The Crow.

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