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  1. Love Slabdragger. First time I heard Wasted Theory though. I felt obligated to crack open a beer while listening to the album. Great stuff!
  2. Isis is cool, but Oceanic and Panopticon are the only albums I go back to. Aaron's made some cool music over the years (Sumac, Mamiffer, OMG).
  3. Their newer album is great too and you can grab it for under $20. I've heard Portishead called 'lo-fi'. All their albums are good and last I checked reasonably priced. Maybe My Blood Valentine? I haven't looked for a copy of Loveless in a while, and I know their newest album was a bit pricey when it was first released (hence why I skipped). Or maybe Boris, if you want heavier stuff? Don't buy an album blind though. Every Boris albums is different, so you might not like them all. Dunno, I'm not entirely sure what counts as lo-fi. A lot of metal bands will lean towards more gritty and less polished production... is that lo-fi?
  4. Well I don't have any experience cleaning up cat puke other than on my carpet, but if it happened to me I'd start with an electronic cleaner and a small brush. I use MG Superwash, but some 99% ISO alcohol should do the trick if you don't want to wait on shipping (I don't know of any retailers that stock the stuff). I don't know how corrosive cat puke is, but you might need to use some DeoxIt as well. As for the caps, the only guarantee is the to use a voltmeter. If it's been turned off (and unplugged) for a long time, you should be fine, but as I said the only guarantee is to measure them with a meter. You can discharge them with a resistor across the leads. Head over to Radio Shack and find one with a low resistance and high power rating. Maybe a 50 ohm 10W? I just wouldn't go under 1W because it could get hot. You can go higher for the resistance, but it'll just take longer to discharge. All said, you still won't know that the caps are discharged unless you use a voltmeter.
  5. Thanks. Still had to level it, but a bit easier to do with just three legs. Also slightly cheaper, but really I just liked the look of three legs.
  6. Finished the 'flexi-rack', so I'm officially content with my set up. I'll be replacing the light in my SL-1200MK2 soon, so I might look into modding it as well while it's taken apart. But otherwise, unless I find a crazy good deal on a Pioneer Elite CD player (just for the sake of matching), I think this'll be my running set up for a long time; no complaints. Technics SL-1200MK2 Sony C77ES Pioneer F-91 Pioneer A-71 ESS AMT-3 Edit: I might make some covers for the AMT's, but I'm hesitant because I'm pretty sure my cat will just see them as scratching posts.
  7. One day shipping? I was getting pretty jelly with everyone else getting their copies already, but yesterday I got an email saying my order shipped. It arrived today. I'm not jelly anymore.
  8. The record shop I go to is in a small college town, not near any major cities. And for me, the 'exclusive' releases are never something I need to have. So I go the day after. The records I want have always still been there the next day, and I don't have to deal with lines/crowds.
  9. $90 USD for a 2xLP? (edit: 3xLP?) You could buy like 4-5 albums for that price. So... I'm going to be buying 4-5 other albums I guess. Bummer; this thread had me excited for a moment.
  10. nick is such a fucking beast. his drumming is easily what won me over on sumac. never even heard of the guy prior.
  11. I'll definitely get The Mantle, deciding on Ashes now (have it playing in the background--never gave it a proper listen before). Already have Pale Folklore. Thanks for the heads-up!
  12. I missed this when it was on pledgemusic, but I just ordered it plus a few other albums last week through Burning Shed. Tracking says I'll get it today.
  13. Still undecided. $25/album (plus 'free' CDs and book) is good by Neurosis standards...
  14. Are they still planning to do another repress for SotDD? I'd rather wait any just order them both if I can. I bought their recent Latitudes and Ancients represses, and they're really nice quality.
  15. Ouch... I just wanted the new Sunn album. I didn't do my 'research' so I assumed that the $30 price tag was because it was a double LP, or because it included that flexi disc that came with the pre-orders the other week. Nope. Just a single LP, not even a download code included.
  16. Back-ordered through my record shop... gotta wait... bummer... But I got Soma instead. Never heard of these guys before this new album's release, but they're pretty awesome.
  17. The feels. My uncle bought me Now 2 for Christmas one year. I listened to Father of Mine and bought So Much For the Afterglow. Everclear was my first 'favorite' band. The Feels were ruined by that price tag. Especially since I still have those original CDs in good condition (including a random bootleg I unknowingly bought from the local record shop).
  18. Is Brutal Panda always this slow? I ordered this on July 1st. I finally got a tracking number on the 19th, but it's never made it past "Shipping Label Created," which leads me to assume Brutal Panda hasn't even dropped off the package...
  19. I just discovered William Basinski yesterday and listened to a good portion of the Cascade album. What other albums should I check out from him to start?
  20. The first song I ever heard by Karnivool was Goliath, and I think I ordered the CD before even finishing it. The vocals are really good, but they were just icing on the cake for me. That song had me foaming at the mouth during the first few listens. Like, how the hell do you groove so hard in these time signatures?! So none of the Birds... songs posted here really did much for me, but I'm all about those rhythms. I decided to check my mail today and bam: a box from Australia. I really don't know how many other albums I that would willing and deliberately wait 7 months for and not even complain.
  21. Those that got a got a shipping notification, who is the email sent from?
  22. So is this an 'oversized' gatefold like the Ancients one? I tried one of Sleeve City's 'oversized' outer sleeves, but even that just barely fits and is too tight. And yes; that bothers me. But not enough to not buy the albums. I hope they do another Purple Buffalo (whatever the hell it was called) pressing.
  23. Sweet! Hopefully I get mine soon too. I didn't even remember seeing them post that they'd shipped.

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